How Do We Sterilize Ourselves and What We Purchase After Shopping?

How Do We Sterilize Ourselves and What We Purchase After Shopping?

How to disinfect after returning from grocery shopping in the coronavirus process?

Many people wonder the answers to questions such as how to disinfect fruits, whether the outside of the products should be washed, what should the products be washed with, and should the clothes be removed after coming home. If you are wondering what to do after returning from shopping, continue reading our article.

First of all, all the shopping bags carried should be placed in the part of the house used for this job at all times.

Afterward, the clothes are hung on the balcony or in front of the glass for good ventilation without washing hands and removing the mask (If possible, the clothes should be washed with laundry detergent at 60 degrees after airing).

Materials such as wallets, phones, and key holders should always be placed on a table used for this purpose, sprayed with alcohol-based cleaner, and then dried.

After the clothes are taken out, hand and face should be washed with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds.

Household clothes should be worn and the sleeves should be plastered.

All products purchased from the shopping should be kept in the open air for 3 hours, and their bags should be thrown away. Bags should never be kept.

The outside of the packaged products should be washed thoroughly with soap and water. It can also be disinfected with alcohol-based cleaners if desired.

Unpackaged fruits and vegetables should be washed with plenty of water, soaked in vinegar water, washed, and dried again.

After the whole process is over, hand and face should be washed again with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds to be guaranteed.


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