Hotels with Turkish Baths in Maltepe

Hotels with Turkish Baths in Maltepe

Especially in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, choosing the right hammam can be quite difficult due to the existence of dozens of options. Also, when you consider the baths in the hotel, the competition gets even hotter because, in this option, the comfort of the hotel and the hammam comes together. At this point, hotels with baths in Maltepe are preferred. So, what should you pay attention to when choosing and entering the bath? What services are provided in the baths? What are the best hotels with hammam service? Here are the details!


What Should Be Considered While Choosing a Turkish Bath?

There are some criteria to consider when choosing a Turkish bath:


1. Hygiene

You are visiting the hammam for washing, purification, and a kind of therapy. The hygiene and cleanness of the bath, which will serve this purpose, should of course be the first detail you pay attention to.


2. Must Have Reference

When choosing a bath, you should read the reviews of people who have been there before. For the baths that are included in the hotels, you need to read the reviews of the hotels and look at the number of stars. It would be advantageous for you to choose a Turkish bath in a quality hotel that has a say in its field. You should also pay attention to what extra services are provided in the hotel bath and whether the people staying at the hotel are satisfied with the services.


3. Pay Attention to The Certificate in Touristic Baths

The Turkish baths, which are a gift from the Ottoman culture to us, are also preferred for touristic purposes. If you are thinking of choosing a tourist bath, you should pay attention to the fact that the bath has a Tourism Management Certificate.


Which Points Should You Pay Attention to While Entering the Turkish Bath?

When entering the bath, you should remove all your jewelry and, if you are using contact lenses, you should remove your lenses as well. Also, you shouldn't be too full or too hungry. If you have chronic health problems, you should definitely consult your doctor. Especially blood pressure, respiratory and heart patients should be extra careful when entering the bath, as they are likely to experience breathing difficulties. Since you are more likely to sweat in the bath, you will lose minerals and water. Therefore, you should pay attention to your water consumption during the day.


What kind of services are there in the Turkish Baths?

The services provided in the baths differ from bath to bath. Generally, facilities such as scrub service, massage, or soapy massage are offered. Recently, additional facilities such as aromatherapy and SPA are also available in the baths. If you wish, you can choose the baths for your special organizations. For example, you can evaluate the baths in events such as the henna ceremony. You can get together with your loved ones before the wedding and get away from the stress of the wedding and have fun. Groom shaving and groom's bath services are also available in the baths for men. In the organizations that can be held for both women and men, additional opportunities such as eating and drinking are offered.


The Address of Reliable Turkish Bath on the Anatolian Side: Elite World Asia

Reliable hotel chain Elite World also meets the expectations of its guests regarding the Turkish bath, which is a valuable heritage of our culture. Elite World Asia, located in Maltepe, becomes the reliable address of the Anatolian Side with the hammam service it offers at Fit Life SPA & Health Center. In the center where additional services such as sauna and steam room are available, you can benefit from the facilities of the Turkish bath under hygienic and healthy conditions. Moreover, you can choose to relax with Far Eastern massages.

If you want to have a wonderful hammam experience on the Anatolian side, you can visit Elite World Asia. You can get more detailed information by examining the website of the hotel and you can make a reservation immediately.