Hotels with Turkish Baths

Hotels with Turkish Baths

Hot Spring Hotels

The baths, built at the point where the hot underground waters come to the surface, have been called spas for a long time. In addition to bathing in hot mineral waters, mud baths can also be made in the hot springs. Although they support some ailments with balneotherapy, spas are mostly preferred because of social habits. The spa hotels that provide accommodation in these regions offer the opportunity to benefit from these waters, which are believed to be healing, as well as the Turkish bath. You can choose the Afyon and Bursa regions for the thermal springs that offer traditional Turkish bath pleasure.


Thermal Hotels

The fact that spa preference is a social habit is often associated with advancing age. However, thermal hotels are designed with a modern understanding that destroys this perception in a way that will appeal to guests of all ages. If you want to meet with peace in the calmness of the water, you can choose the thermal hotel baths. In addition to the Turkish bath, these hotels also offer thermal cure and massage treatments. In addition, you can swim in the thermal water pools, provided that you comply with the restrictions determined according to the hardness of the water and its content. Whether for a winter holiday or a business meeting, you can choose the Aegean and Central Anatolian regions if you want to meet these miraculous waters.


SPA and Wellness Hotels

SPA and Wellness hotels offer alternatives to those who want to escape the stress of tiring city life. You can relax in the attractive Turkish bath with its modern design and benefit from different SPA therapies. Aromatherapy rooms, salt therapies, and saunas are among the other options offered by these hotels. Hotels that provide well-being practices can be preferred if you want to renew physically and mentally with a holistic approach. After enjoying the rejuvenating bath, you can spend time in nature and feel much more rested if your hotel offers such an opportunity.


Elite World Sapanca Awaits You For A Brand New Turkish Bath Experience

Are you ready for a luxury experience right in the heart of nature? You can enjoy the Turkish bath to the fullest in Elite World Sapanca, which hosts those who want to integrate with nature with its privileged location. With its unique practices and distinctive mission, Fit Life SPA & Wellness takes comfort to the next level in the Turkish bath as well. Fit Life Well Being Hammam & Massage Health Package helps you relax by completing your bath pleasure with a massage that relaxes your body. In addition, Fit Life SPA & Wellness Special Package, specially prepared for those who like to pamper themselves, adds the option of aromatherapy and skincare massage to your Turkish bath pleasure. Providing service within Elite World Sapanca, Fit Life SPA & Wellness does not forget the bride candidates. With the luxurious bridal bath full of special rituals, you can have silky skin and feel rejuvenating energy all over your body.