Hotels with Tennis Courts and Basketball Courts

Hotels with Tennis Courts and Basketball Courts

Benefits of Playing Tennis and Basketball Outdoors

Provides Relief from Stress

According to the results of many studies, it has been determined that spending time outdoors and doing sports reduces heart rate, blood pressure, and the level of cortisol, which is the stress hormone. Researchers say that nature therapy can be preferred to cope with stressful situations. Doing sports outdoors makes you feel more vigorous and perform better than exercises in gyms. It is possible to get rid of stress more quickly, mainly thanks to active sports such as tennis and basketball played outdoors.


Helps Prevent Depression

Engaging in outdoor sports such as tennis and basketball alleviates the symptoms of psychological disorders such as depression. Being indoors, especially in winter, prevents you from breathing fresh air, but your blood circulation increases when you do sports in the open air, and more oxygen is carried to your cells. In this way, the feeling of drowsiness and tiredness disappears. In addition, according to scientific research, it is seen that outdoor exercises can be used to support existing depression treatments.


It Makes You Healthier

Almost everyone knows that doing sports outdoors is good for health. Exercising trains your mind and body. It has been proven that sports can prevent many diseases, including nervous system diseases, and reduce cancer risk. Also, sports help control weight and solve the problem of insomnia, strengthen immunity, and increase energy. You can be healthier by playing tennis and basketball in the open air.


Improves Brain Functions

Exercising increases blood flow to the brain. That improves your memory and concentration. When you do sports outdoors, stimuli such as smell and sound; renew your focus and attention skills; that is, it helps your brain functions to improve. Many studies show that doing sports with nature strengthens memory compared to other alternatives.


It Allows You to Socialize

Apart from the psychological or physical health benefits, you may also need sports. Outdoor sports can be an excellent opportunity to meet new people. In addition, researches reveal that people who do sports outdoors exhibit more positive attitudes in personal or business relationships.


Boosts Your Creativity

Researchers consider spending time outdoors as a therapy method that has no side effects and can be easily applied, and they call it "nature therapy." According to a study, it has been determined that the creative problem-solving performance of people who spend time in nature for four days increases by 50%. That is because our mind, which is constantly alert in daily life, calms down in nature and awakens its creative side. The absence of distracting stimuli in nature and getting away from internal and external sounds increase your creativity. You can also develop a more creative perspective by being interested in basketball and tennis in the open air.


Address where you can enjoy playing tennis and basketball in the open air: Elite World Sapanca

In Elite World Sapanca, which offers an atmosphere intertwined with nature, you can enjoy a peaceful holiday and enjoy being interested in sports to the fullest. You can relieve your stress by doing sports in the open air thanks to the tennis courts and basketball court in the hotel, located next to Sapanca Lake and its forests. You can also walk in nature, ride a bike or join a safari adventure with an ATV. After exercising, you can have a massage at Fit Life SPA & Health Center to relax and then taste delicious dishes prepared by award-winning chefs.

If you plan to have an unforgettable holiday without disturbing your sports routine, you can book your place at Elite World Sapanca, located in the heart of nature. You can find detailed information about Elite World Sapanca here.