Hotels That Are Close to Historical Places in Van

Hotels That Are Close to Historical Places in Van

Van's Places That Have a Scent of History

Van is a region that has hosted countless civilizations from the Urartians to the present. One of the most important historical places in Van, which bears the footprints of various civilizations existing within its borders, is Van Castle. The castle, which was built by the Urartian King Sarduri in the 9th century BC, identified with the city. It was also used by various civilizations after the Urartians and managed to reach the present day.

Van is a city known as the "Kingdom of Castles". Hosap Castle is one of the structures that maintain its popularity in the city, which is home to many castles within its borders. There are also remains of a mosque, dungeon, madrasah, and water cistern in the castle, which is thought to have been built by the Urartians in the 17th century. Another remarkable castle in the city is Zernek Castle. Zernek Castle, which is named after the combination of two Persian and Arabic words, means "golden land".

Of course, the city is not just about castles. Another prominent building among historical places is The Devil's Bridge. It is thought that the bridge was built by the Il-Khanid dynasty in the 13th century. The bridge, which is 18 meters high from the ground, is 3 meters wide and 15 meters long. Akdamar Church is one of the historical buildings that you must see in Van. Located on Akdamar Island, the church was built by Bishop Manuel between 915-921 A.D. The colorful tuff stone used in the construction of the church adds a fairy-tale look to the church.

Mosques occupy an important place among the historical structures of the city. Among the mosques of this nature, the Hüsrev Pasha Mosque, which bears the signature of Mimar Sinan, is more than worth seeing. The mosque, which has a central square plan, was built by Köse Hüsrev Pasha, who was the governor of Van. Another remarkable building in the city, Hz. Omar Mosque also has the title of being one of the largest mosques in Van.


Unique Tastes of Van

Offering a unique experience to its visitors with its historical places, Van also shows a similar performance with its unique flavors. Van breakfast, which consists of the natural flavors of Van and offers a visual feast as well as its taste, is at the top of these options. So much so that the fame of Van breakfast has spread all over Turkey.

After the famous Van breakfast, herb cheese is next. Herbed cheese, one of the local flavors of Van, is among the flavors associated with the city. This time, the scene in the unique flavors of the city is in the Çiriş pilaf (Çiriş Pilavı). Although Çiriş pilaf looks like ordinary bulgur pilaf, the situation is slightly different. Carrots and chickpeas are also included in the rice, which is made by using the Çiriş herb (Çiriş Otu) grown in Van.

Borani, which we often see in Anatolian cuisine, appears as spinach in Van and thus acquires a uniqueness. Borani with spinach is prepared differently in the region; It also includes garlic yogurt, olive oil, and onions. Van fish in tandoori is also one of the flavors associated with the city. This delicacy, made with pearl mullet, a kind of freshwater fish grown in Lake Van, is particularly popular with fish lovers.


All The Opportunities of the City Comes Together at Elite World Van

Elite World Van, located in the city center of Van, opens its doors wide to offer all the possibilities of the city to its visitors. While staying in the rooms of Elite World Van, which promises comfort and has a spacious atmosphere, you can find traces of the atmosphere of Van that pervades the hotel. Reflecting the eye-catching harmony of neoclassical architecture and palace architecture, Elite World Van is, in a sense, inspired by the historical buildings of the city. Being located in the center of the city, it allows you to visit all the historic buildings in Van. It also offers you comfort-filled opportunities to relieve the tiredness of the day.

After starting the day with an open buffet breakfast, you can visit the places you are curious about, and then taste the unique flavors of Elite World Van. You can check out Elite World Van's web page to take advantage of all the facilities of the hotel or to get more information.