Hotels That Are Close to Fairgrounds on the European Side

Hotels That Are Close to Fairgrounds on the European Side

The European Side of Istanbul is a location where hundreds of national and international fairs and various events are held each year. It is crucial for visitors to find the most suitable hotel to make the most of this commercial richness of the European Side. If you would like to benefit from the commercial opportunities of Istanbul and have a comfortable hotel experience, this article is right for you! We have listed the locations where you can find the hotels that are close to the fairgrounds on the European Side.


Büyükçekmece Hotels

Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center, known as the largest exhibition center, owned by the private sector in Turkey, is located on the Beylikdüzü-Büyükçekmece Highway. If you are going to attend an event at Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center, the fact that the hotel you will reside in is located at Büyükçekmece will provide you with immense comfort in terms of transportation.

You can take advantage of public transportation vehicles such as Metrobus and IETT buses in the Büyükçekmece-Beylikdüzü range and you can reach the fairground in just a couple of minutes. On the other hand, it is also possible to arrive at Tüyap Fair Convention and Congress Center on the Büyükçekmece Highway with your private vehicle. You can easily arrive at the fairground by following the signs at the exit of the Beylikdüzü-Büyükçekmece Highway.


Beyoğlu Hotels

Beyoğlu, one of the favorite districts of the European Side, hosts hundreds of exhibitions and fairs each year. Haliç Congress Center, which is the only congress center located on the seaside in Istanbul, is also located within the borders of Beyoğlu. Haliç Congress Center, which hosts various fairs and meetings, is only a few minutes away in walking distance from many places in Beyoğlu.

By choosing a hotel around Beyoğlu, you can quickly arrive at the congress center and have the opportunity to see the historical buildings in the surrounding region. In addition to this, the region, where transportation within the city is immensely easy, provides you with many advantages.


Bakırköy Hotels

There are many trade centers within the borders of Bakırköy district. Istanbul World Trade Center, which hosts nearly 100 national and international fairs each year, is one of them. If you are going to visit the Istanbul World Trade Center, it will be convenient for you to find the hotel in the vicinity of Bakırköy. In this way, you can use the Yenikapı-Atatürk Airport Metro Line and you can easily reach the event region by getting off at the DTM-Istanbul Expo Center Metro Station.

Yeşilköy, which is within the borders of Bakırköy and known for its proximity to the fairgrounds, is one of the places where businesspeople prefer to accommodate. Istanbul Expo Center (IFM), known to host many different fairs every year, is also located in this location. Choosing a hotel close to the E5, TEM Highway, or coastal road in this area will allow you to quickly reach the fairground in Yeşilköy by using your private vehicle.


Florya Hotels

An important part of the fairs on the European side of Istanbul are located around Florya. The region draws attention with its proximity to historical and touristic places, shopping centers, public transportation regions and business centers. Due to all these features, Florya is separated from other locations and settled in a strategic location and is among the most preferred regions by businesspeople.

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