Hotels near Vanadokya Fairy Chimneys

Hotels near Vanadokya Fairy Chimneys

The Story of Mystical Vanadokya

Fairy chimneys in Yavuzlar Village of Başkale district of Van are similar to those in Cappadocia in their formation. Vanadokya has a plateau-like structure shaped by active volcanic lava eroded by the Kızılırmak river. The rocks ejected by the volcanic Yiğit Mountain have deteriorated over time, giving them the appearance of fairy chimneys. Unlike Cappadocia, the erosion in this region was caused by the effect of wind and rainwater. Tunnels and caves surround Vanadokya fairy chimneys, the length of which exceeds meters, as a natural result of this erosion.

The region, which is based on the Rikan Castle, is 3 km from the Iranian border. The earth-roofed houses that lie in front of the fairy chimneys add a more authentic atmosphere to the region's natural beauty. It is estimated that there are more than 17 thousand fairy chimneys in Vanadokya, which is classified as a "Sensitive Area to be Strictly Protected" in 2020. The traces of the cultural structure, which changes depending on the geopolitical position of the region, can be easily seen in Vanadokya. There are dozens of churches, large and small, hidden among the fairy chimneys. However, one of these churches is flooded by visitors with its spiritual significance. One of the essential elements of Catholic belief is the myth of the apostles of Jesus, 1700 years old St. Bartholomew's Church. Because, according to belief, Hz. This church protects the tomb of Bartalmay, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus.

Apart from its historical churches, Vanadokya continues to preserve its mystery with its secret tunnels that seem endless. Rikan Castle, 200 meters high, resembling a colossal stone block, is admired for its magnificent architecture. The castle, created by carving a solid rock, amazes the visitors. Because the castle can only be entered through the secret tunnels carved under the fairy chimneys, the daylight that appears at the end of this journey, which will not look like Indiana Jones movies, heralds the castle's entrance after 150 steps. Every detail in the castle, especially the King's Mansion, attracts as much attention as the castle itself.


Vanadokya Accommodation Options

Do not be surprised if you do not want to leave Vanadokya with its beauties that make you forget the time because it is impossible to discover the region's beauties in a day. To spend more time in this fairy tale land, you may want to choose from hotels near Vanadokya fairy chimneys. With its protected nature and untouched nature, Vanadokya directs its visitors to the authentic city center of Van for accommodation options. However, this does not prevent the villagers from displaying the hospitality of the East. So, at the end of your Vanadokya trip, say "Hello!" Suffice to say. If you are lucky, you can learn about the region's history closely and listen to mystical stories that will not look like Thousand and One Nights.


Comfort Hidden in the Mysterious Geography of the East

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