Hotels in Kucukcekmece

Hotels in Kucukcekmece

Here is one of the first hotels that come to mind when you say Küçükçekmece Hotel, Küçükçekmece Sefaköy Hotels; Elite World Europe Hotel where you can find comfort, elegance, security and modern technological infrastructure together. Elite World Europe Hotel manages to stand out from other hotels in the area with its location and quality service to its customers. Here are some of the opportunities that Elite World Europe Hotel offers its guests:


A meeting model from start to finish

Elite World Europe Hotel, one of the first hotels to come to mind when it comes to hotels in Kucukcekmece Sefakoy, is designed based on the B2B and B2C concepts used to define the target audience in the business world. "BtoH," ie "Business to Happiness" concept welcomes your guests at Elite World Europe Hotel will make your organizations smile!


Enjoyable city views

Elite World Europe Hotel, which makes a difference with its facilities among the hotels in Küçükçekmece, offers guests a delightful city view and different tastes with the L'Oliva Bar and The Grill Restaurant. You can sip a delicious cocktail at L'Oliva Bar while enjoying the view of Istanbul; The Grill Restaurant offers a great lunch and dinner with grilled alternatives and tasty appetizers.


Sports experience with a view of the botanical garden

Fit Life Spa & Health Center, located at the Elite World Europe Hotel in the Küçükçekmece hotel area, offers its customers the experience of doing sports with a botanical view, motivational group lessons, targeted private lessons, massage and care accompanied by Far Eastern therapists, suitable alternatives for sports nutrition offers a Vitamin Bar that contains. With this 5-star health service, you can have a comfortable time away from stress.


Ballroom and outdoor space wedding concepts

When it comes to hotel prices in Küçükçekmece, of course, the first thing to pay attention to is the facilities that the hotel offers to you and the expectations you give. Here, Elite World Europe Hotel aims to make you smile on the most special day of your life, as well as the beautiful facilities it offers you. It hosts a ballroom and open space wedding concepts and transforms your wedding day into an unforgettable memory with its experienced and friendly team. Ballrooms; also very suitable for henna, engagement, cocktail, Sunnet, baby shower, graduation and iftar concepts!


Modern rooms

Elite World Europe Hotel offers its guests an unforgettable stay with its modern and comfortable rooms where all the details that the guests will need are designed. You can meet the privileged world of Elite World Hotels by choosing the most suitable one for you among the different room options that will meet your expectations.

For more information about Elite World Europe Hotel, the number one amongst the hotels in Kucukcekmece with its location, service quality and facilities, click here: Elite World Europe Hotel