Honeymoon Hotels Near İstanbul

Honeymoon Hotels Near İstanbul

If you are going to have your wedding in İstanbul or if you live in this metropolitan city, you may be wondering, "Well, which honeymoon hotels are close to İstanbul?" Before answering this question, let's have a look at what you should consider when choosing a honeymoon hotel.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Honeymoon Hotel

1. Plan Your Budget

Before choosing a hotel, you should plan your budget. At this point, you need to decide which items will be prioritized in the budget. If the honeymoon is most important to you, you can allocate a significant part of the budget for the honeymoon and shift the remaining part to items such as a wedding salon, wedding dress, groom suit, hairdresser. Of course, the opposite is also true. When you plan your budget, you can clearly see the money you can allocate for your honeymoon vacation and determine the duration of your vacation and your hotel.


2. Set Your Expectations from the Hotel

Every couple may have different expectations for their honeymoon vacation. Therefore, you should first discuss your expectations with your future spouse and act by meeting on common ground. You can choose hotels with services such as saunas, Turkish baths, and private beaches, or you can choose hotels that only offer accommodation and breakfast. Here the choice is entirely up to you. Let's give a little tip though: If you want everything to be complete on your honeymoon vacation, you can check out the hotels that offer all-inclusive honeymoon packages.


3. Explore the Hotel Surroundings

You may want to spend your holiday traveling or resting. If your preference is to travel, it is important to have places to visit around the hotel. Researching the surroundings of your hotel and learning the areas where you can spend time outside of the hotel can guide you in your choice. For example, some hotels are nestled in nature, so you can go hiking in the morning.


4. Pay Attention to the Location of the Hotel

The location of the hotel is also very important when choosing a honeymoon hotel. Because if you are going to travel by bus or plane, not in your private car, the fact that the hotel is close to the airport or bus terminal, even if it is not close, is easy to reach, making your job much easier. Therefore, you should not ignore this detail while doing research.


5. Read Hotel Reviews

References can also guide you when choosing between hotels. You can access the comments of the guests who have stayed at the hotels before, through the websites of the hotels or the accommodation sites. Thanks to these comments, you can more easily understand which hotel is suitable for you. Not to mention getting in-depth information about the facilities of the hotels!


More than a Honeymoon Hotel: Elite World Grand Sapanca

If you want your honeymoon to be comfortable and enjoyable, Elite World Grand Sapanca is the right address for you! You will be amazed by the magnificent nature of the hotel, which will allow you to have a pleasant holiday without being too far from İstanbul. So much so that you will not be able to take your eyes off the view while tasting delicious dishes in the hotel, which is located on the shore of Sapanca Lake.

You can get SPA service and participate in holistic rituals at Fit Life SPA & Wellness to relieve the tiredness of the wedding. Thus, you can achieve a state of well-being by purifying both your mind and body. If you have prepared yourself for an active honeymoon, you can join safari tours with ATV and UTV and discover nature by hiking in Sapanca Forest. You can have a sweet competition by playing digital and traditional games with your partner in Game Arena!

If you want to spend a honeymoon vacation that you will never forget, you can make a reservation by contacting Elite World Grand Sapanca. If you haven't chosen your wedding hall yet, let's also mention that you can organize a magnificent wedding at the hotel and you can also benefit from facilities such as free honeymoon accommodation.