Home Workout Types

Home Workout Types

Note: All moves can be done in 3 sets, 15-12-10 repetitions. If it is difficult, the number of repetitions can be reduced.


Home Workout Types: How to Squat?

This movement is very effective for the muscles of the front of the leg and the hip muscles.


The legs are opened shoulder-width apart and the arms are extended without bending forward.

When crouching, the knees should not exceed the toes.

He should squat halfway, as if sitting on a chair, breathing in.

Return to the starting position by breathing out.


Home Workout Types: How to Make a Sit-Up?

This movement is very effective for abdominal muscles.


Lie on your back.

Hands are combined behind the head or on the chest.

The legs are combined and preferably inserted under a heavy object for support purposes.

Inhale and exhale and lift.


Home Workout Types: How to Do a Superman Move?

This movement is very effective for the back muscles. It is a movement that those who have a problem standing upright should do.


Lie face down.

Like a Superman, the elbows should be extended up, with palms facing the ground, without bending.

Inhale and exhale, the abdomen and hips should be tightened, while the legs and arms should be lifted without bending back.

You should return to the starting position by breathing.


Types of Home Workout: How to Do Half Push-ups?

This movement is a very effective movement for the chest and back arm muscles. It can be done on the knee or the fingertip by making it more difficult.


Knees are on the ground face down.

The feet are in the air, intertwined in a cross.

Hands are opened shoulder-width apart.

Breathing is taken.

By breathing in, the chest area is touched on the ground.


Home Workout Types: How to Plank?

This movement is a type of movement that works in many parts of the body, especially the abdominal area.


It is positioned face down.

Only the tips of the toes and the elbow-hand part should touch the ground.

You should continue to breathe and tighten the abdomen.

It should be kept as long as possible in this way.


Your health is our top priority!

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