Home Decoration Advice

Home Decoration Advice

Do Not Neglect the Concept Selection!

One of the biggest problems encountered in home decoration is not being able to achieve integrity. Even though you have significant pieces when you examine them one by one, all these products combined may not deliver the effect you want. That's why you should define a concept in your mind before you start the home decoration.

For example; Let's say you want a Scandinavian-style bedroom. You can choose your furniture, walls, and even your carpet from white and tones to achieve the effect you wish to because the Scandinavian decoration style's focus is to have a bright home even on the most cloudy days. In the selection of accessories, you have endless freedom in colors. Having such a plan while decorating your room will make your job a lot easier. Home decoration suggestions that you can implement after determining a suitable concept will be much more effective.


Evaluate Dried Tree Branches!

Did you know that you can turn dried tree branches into hundreds of different decorative objects? The most common of these are wall decorations and panels made using dried tree branches. You can shape the branch pieces according to your taste. You can get a perfect look by sticking wood pieces that you cut in small circles side-by-side aboard.

The panel you will use does not need to be square or rectangular. You can do the same work in any shape you want. Another option is to use a single branch with varnish and horizontally. You can hang pearls, beads, flowers, or rattan balls down from this twig. By decorating the unit with LED lights, you can make your design splendid for night use.


Reflect the glow of the glasses to your home!

Glass and crystals are among the rare pieces that can suit all home decorations. You can create beautiful designs, especially with your jar and bell glass shaped glasses. You can start by placing medium-sized candles in 5-6 lanterns. You can hang these lanterns on the ceiling or wall with sturdy ropes.

To make the event a little more fascinating, choose lantern's fine lines. Since the lines will not be visible, your wax lanterns leave the impression that they are floating in the air. You can take advantage of the lids in your designs with glass jars. You can get a unique design by attaching tiny glass jars whose caps are connected to a panel. You can dry and put the gifted flowers into these jars. Thus, you can create a romantic corner where you can remember your good memories.