Home Cleaning Tips

Home Cleaning Tips

What are the tips for house cleaning?

If you are wondering how to clean the house for coronavirus and what are the tips for home cleaning, it is useful to read these articles!

The environment should be ventilated for a while before cleaning.

For the disinfection of floors, diluted bleach or alcohol-based cleaners should be used, thus pathogenic microorganisms should be removed from the environment and killed.

Dirty laundry should never be shaken at home. Shaking clothes can cause viruses to spread around. Bedspreads etc. Such as laundry should be washed at the highest possible temperature (60 degrees) and the baskets that carry the laundry should be wiped with bleach-containing hydrogen peroxide.

Wiping floors and walls with low odor hydrogen peroxide-based bleach is of great importance.

Carpets and curtains should be cleaned and washed with appropriate cleaners, if possible.

You can wash your dishwasher and washing machine once a week with bleach-free of charge.

For the vacuum cleaner to work efficiently and to be hygienic, the bag and filter must be cleaned or replaced regularly. One of the most germ-bearing items in the kitchen is sponges, it should be remembered that all kinds of points such as countertops, ovens, and cabinets are cleaned with these sponges, and the sponges should be changed regularly. If it cannot be changed, it should be regularly soaked in bleach.

Chemical cleaners can damage your electronics. That's why you should read the cleaning instructions for your electronics; If possible, you should clean them with the help of the air filter, dry, clean cloth, and a soft brush.

You should always take care to use your cleaning products in the amount indicated on the packaging, considering that a possible poisoning case may cause a reason to go to the hospital.

When applying, you should pay attention to the use of cloth and sponge. You should be aware that excessive chemical does not mean excessive cleaning.

Your health is our top priority!

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