Going to Work in the Coronavirus Process

Going to Work in the Coronavirus Process

In the normalization process, the remote working system started to come to an end. There are several rules that those returning to their workplaces must follow to protect against coronavirus. We have compiled the details that employees who have to go to work during the coronavirus process should pay attention to the coronavirus.

What Precautions Should Those Who Have to Go to Work in the Coronavirus Process?


Don't forget to wear a mask

The most important of the measures to be taken in the coronavirus process in the workplace is masks. Since the coronavirus is transmitted by contact and droplets, the use of masks is of great importance. For this reason, employees and customers must enter the workplace with a mask. A mask should be provided for those who do not have a mask at the entrance to workplaces.

Change your moisturized mask frequently during the day. If necessary, be careful to use protective glasses and visors.


Maintain Your Social Distance

If you have to go to work, one of the precautions you should take during the coronavirus process should be to maintain the social distance between you and your customers and working staff. Put transparent screens between you and customers and staff if necessary. Make sure that customers stay in the workplace for as short a time as possible. Implement the circulars sent by the Ministry of Health to workplaces.


Minimize Your Contact Level

Since the coronavirus is known to stay alive on surfaces for a long time, minimize your contact level as much as possible in the workplace. Stick to the principle of little contact and avoid social interactions with others, such as hugging and handshaking. Do not touch frequently touched surfaces such as door handles and cabinet handles at work unless necessary. If a credit card is used for payments, choose contactless payment. Be sure to use hand sanitizer after receiving payment in cash payments.


Take Care of Personal Hygiene

We all have learned how important personal hygiene is to protect against coronavirus. Therefore, employees who go to work during the coronavirus process should wash their hands with soap and water before starting work and working. In the absence of water and soap, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer should be used.

Pay Attention to Disinfection and Ventilation of the Workplace

During the coronavirus process, regular cleaning should be done daily with detergent and water in the workplace. After cleaning detergent and water, additional cleaning can be done by adding half a small tea glass of bleach to 5 liters of water.

You can wipe these surfaces with 70% alcohol for disinfection of computer keyboard, table, and telephone surfaces. Allow workplaces to be ventilated by opening doors and windows. Have the filter changes and maintenance of the ventilation systems regularly.


Have a Balanced Nutrition Habit

You can support your immune system by adopting a balanced diet of healthy foods. During the coronavirus process, consume foods rich in vitamins, minerals, and proteins in your meals. Besides, avoiding pastry and fast food can be extremely useful in protecting your body during the coronavirus process.


Consume Sufficient Water

During the coronavirus process, be careful to consume enough water while going to work. To meet our body's water needs, we need to drink at least 1.5 - 2 liters of water a day and consume vegetables and fruits rich in water. By consuming enough water, you can meet your body's water needs by including freshly squeezed juices and herbal teas in your diet.


Exercise Regularly

By exercising regularly, you can strengthen both your skeletal system and your muscles.

Take Measures to Strengthen the Immune System

You can help regulate the intestinal system with probiotics and vitamin supplements to strengthen your immune system. In this way, you can protect your body from epidemic diseases by keeping your immune system healthy. With regular consumption of food supplements, you can feel more energetic and energetic than before.