Formula 1 Istanbul Grand Prix Accommodation

Formula 1 Istanbul Grand Prix Accommodation

Formula 1 Istanbul Grand Prix Excitement Surrounded All Around!

Formula 1 is the most extensive racing series, consisting of races, each taking place on unique tracks in different countries. One of these passionate races, where talented Formula 1 pilots show their skills, is in Istanbul this year. The Turkish Grand Prix, held without spectators last year due to the Covid-19 epidemic and gave a bittersweet excitement to Formula 1 lovers, was held at the Intercity Istanbul Park track in Tuzla on 8-10 October this year. Thousands of people eagerly awaited this race, which hosted 20 experienced pilots from 10 different teams. Even those who missed the event due to the heavy traffic caused by the race were among those who came to the racetrack from the European side or from a long distance for this event, which hosted the world champions. For this reason, staying close to the region will save you from this hassle and allow you to enjoy the races with peace of mind.


Evaluate the Hotel You Will Choose From All Aspects

Although your main goal is to be close to the Istanbul Park race track, if you are going to stay in a hotel, there are some things you need to pay attention to for your comfort. Deciding what kind of hotel you want can eliminate a great deal of uncertainty and provide an excellent roadmap. In addition to being close to the race area, you can choose hotels that will offer you a peaceful holiday in your rush for a few days. In order to determine this, you can read the comments about the hotels you have found on the internet, evaluate these comments and your requests together, and choose the most suitable hotel for you.

In addition, the facilities and services offered by the hotel must be satisfactory for you. Not only its location; You should examine the hotels you find with their cuisine, parking, extra services, and every other aspect, and note the most suitable options for you and stay in a hotel according to your budget.


A Comfort That Will Give You Double Pleasure: Elite World Asia

Elite World Asia, where you will feel the experience of Elite World Hotels for years, in all its aspects, maybe exactly the accommodation you are looking for! Elite World Asia, located on the Anatolian side and will offer you a 5-star pleasure, is an average of half an hour's drive from Istanbul Park, which will save you from a lot of trouble. You can make this event much more enjoyable by choosing the rooms with a modern design or the perfect suites with sea views that suit you. Thanks to the central location of Elite World Asia, which provides an ideal service, Istanbul Grand Prix transportation will no longer be a fear for you. You can easily benefit from its diversified services. Its two restaurants offer menus carefully prepared by the professional kitchen team, pool and sauna facilities, free parking, and shuttle service to the airport. Get ready for the unforgettable experience that Elite World Asia, where all measures are meticulously carried out in the name of Covid-19, will give you! Elite World Asia is waiting for you if you want to taste the comfort that will never leave your mind. At the same time, you follow the Istanbul leg of Formula 1, the most prominent racing organization in the world, with pleasure.

You can contact Elite World Asia to choose the most suitable room for you.