Florya Restaurant Guide

Florya Restaurant Guide

Kaşıbeyaz Aquarium

Kaşıbeyaz Aquarium, one of the most beautiful places to have dinner on the European Side, is right next to Istanbul Aquarium. This place, which does not compromise on quality, makes a difference by initially presenting traditional tastes. However, it also offers its customers a comfortable space. Children in the unique playground for children; While having fun with educated sisters, educational tablets, creative hobby instruments, and books, their parents do not stay behind. How about enjoying katmer, pistachio kebab, and lamb chops while the fish are swimming next door?


Midpoint Aqua Florya

Midpoint, which opened its first branch in Istanbul Bagdat Street in 2002, now serves its customers in many cities of Turkey. Midpoint is one of the first brands that comes to mind for a cafe restaurant chain, with its menu with a wide variety of flavors and reasonable prices. Located in Aqua Florya AVM, Midpoint Florya awaits you at any time of the day with its contemporary and stylish decoration.


Big Chefs Aqua Florya

The Aqua Florya branch of Big Chefs, which uses seasonal products in its kitchen, is also trendy. Big Chefs is an address where introductory meetings occur with its more than 50 branches, decoration that revives the feeling of family, and flavors that connect it to itself. You can order many different kinds of breakfast at Big Chefs, where breakfast is served until 12:00 on weekdays and 15:00 on weekends.


SeaSha Lounge

SeaSha Lounge comes to the fore as there are areas where children can spend time with various activities such as a children's playground and bowling alley. It also offers a varied breakfast with different local products at affordable prices. Its breakfast includes five kinds of local cheese, salami, ham, black and green olives, acuka, fried eggs, menemen, spring rolls, bagels, and unlimited tea.


Fan Fang

If you like Chinese cuisine, Fan Fang may be a good choice for you. Taking care to offer healthy flavors and plenty of variety, Fan Fang pleases its customers who want to try different cuisines and different tastes.


Galapagos Restaurant

Located on the Violet Beach in Florya, Galapagos Restaurant is one of the places to go as a family. The owners of the Galapagos gave their restaurant the name of the archipelago, which is connected to Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean because they had the chance to visit many countries. The two-floor restaurant concept is complemented by contemporary decoration and a splendid sea view. Galapagos Restaurant, a playground for children, stands out with its distinctive flavors.


Koroglu Pita and Kebab

Köroğlu Pide and Kebap, one of the best pide shops in Istanbul, stands out with its various types of pide and kebab. The flavors and offal products they offer specially for the evening are pretty successful. We recommend you to try this place, which has a cafe section and is very popular for its breakfasts.


Şazeli Florya Restaurant

Şazeli, one of Florya's favorite restaurants with its decent atmosphere, offers delicious meat dishes to its guests. Its view and being surrounded by greenery are among its essential advantages.


Beyti Restaurant

Beyti Lokantası, which started its service in 1945 and maintains its quality today, is one of the most popular restaurants in Florya. Beyti kebab, which they prepare by applying unique methods, allows you to enjoy the meat.


Elite Restaurant Florya Awaits You With Its Delicious Meals

With its stylish and charming decoration, Elite Restaurant meets your needs for quality food. It helps you start the day well with its rich open buffet cuisine with local delicacies and a particular omelet station. It is also possible to organize various events at Elite Restaurant, which also hosts collective organizations. Elite Restaurant, which does not forget about the fireside culture and includes its place in its place, allows you to have a good time with your friends and taste quality meat dishes. If you want to combine your special events with quality food, Elite Restaurant is ready to organize an unforgettable event for you. Click now for detailed information and to make a reservation.