First Step to Marriage What You Need to Know About Engagement

First Step to Marriage What You Need to Know About Engagement

The tradition of engagement from past to present

The origin of the tradition of engagement from the past to the present is based on the fact that families and couples get to know each other better. According to this, families decide on the date of engagement and the date of engagement on the day of the promise ceremony, and discuss their mutual expectations with each other. In the case of the place to be engaged, couples may decide to make this ceremony at the girls' house or between the engagement spaces and the engagement spaces, making them a suitable choice. According to traditions, in both cases, the engagement costs are entirely on the girl's side.

Following this decision phase, there are preparations for engagement packages. Now, let's talk about how to prepare the engagement bundle.


How to prepare shooter bundle?

It is an engagement bundle tradition that the two families take gifts for the bride and groom candidate before the order and give them to them in a chic chest or suitcase. The purpose of this tradition is to give gifts to couples to marry. So, what happens in an engagement pack? The things that should be in the engagement pack may vary from place to place. For this reason, families should communicate their expectations with each other before the preparations. Briefly, places of engagement, engagement places and engagement halls are investigated; on the other hand, families have to enter into serious preparation for engagement packs. So, what happens in an engagement pack? In general, the engagement pack that the male side will prepare for the bride-to-be is:


Overnight team and dressing gown

Underwear team

Slippers and shoes

One suit


Skin care set





 Engagement tray and shears



On the other hand, the girl's side prepares a bundle of men. For the gifts that will be included in the engagement pack, engaging in engagement is a tradition that has continued since the old days. According to this, the bride-to-be, a relative of the bride-to-be and her mother-in-law go shopping engagement together and receive gifts that the bride-to-be likes and hand them over to the bride's house before the engagement.


Engagement Places

There is an engagement ceremony after the rituals such as engagement pack and engagement exchanges are fulfilled. The couples want to make the most of the engagement ceremony, which is the first step towards marriage, in the best places. For this purpose, they will conduct a detailed research on the places to engage in engagement processes. Some couples may want to perform this special ceremony in the girls' house and some in hotels and halls. If the ceremony is to be done outside, there will be many options against the couples. If they choose an engagement place that best suits both their budget and their dreams, they will set out to make an engagement ceremony like a fairy tale.

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