Family Hotel in Beyoğlu

Family Hotel in Beyoğlu

Hotels located in the leading districts of Istanbul; help families to have a wonderful holiday away from the city hustle and bustle. Especially in Beyoğlu, family hotel options are on the radar of families. So, what does a family-friendly hotel mean? What are the advantages of vacationing in family-friendly hotels? Which family-friendly hotels in Beyoğlu are there? Let's explore the answers to all these questions together.


What is a Family Friendly Hotel?

Family-friendly hotels are hotels that offer special opportunities for families to have a pleasant time together. In family-friendly hotels, the comfort of the parents is as important as the comfort of the children. In these hotels, both children and parents can find different options to relax, have fun and socialize. While children are having fun in the company of experts, parents spend time with peace of mind.


What Kind of Services Are Offered in Family Friendly Hotels?

The services provided by family-friendly hotels may differ from hotel to hotel. But most family-friendly hotels have plenty of activities for kids. Fun activities for kids; artistic activities; Kids club; There are activities such as painting, model making, ceramics, and handicraft lessons. In addition to these, there are water slides where children can spend time with pleasure and pools where they can swim safely.

Playgrounds, sand fields, and many more fun options; It is offered to children in family-friendly hotels. Some family-friendly hotels also offer free accommodation for children up to a certain age. Family-friendly hotels offer activities for children, taking into account their safety. Various safety measures are taken to prevent possible accidents.

Parents are not forgotten in these hotels, and there are also gyms, SPA centers, stylish restaurants, and bars for adults. Thus, parents can also have an unforgettable holiday experience.


Advantages of Staying in Family-Friendly Hotels

There are many advantages of staying in family-friendly hotels. Some of these advantages can be listed as follows:

  • One of the most important advantages of family-friendly hotels is their hygienic conditions. Hygienic conditions are kept at a high level in hotels where families stay, and common areas are cleaned meticulously.
  • The wealth of cuisine is another advantage of these hotels. Family-friendly hotels have restaurants that provide service and rich menus that allow children to enjoy their meals.
  • There are clubs where children can play safely in family-friendly hotels. Thanks to the trained staff in the clubs, the children can move safely while the parents can have a holiday with peace of mind.
  • The high number of children in family-friendly hotels ensures a high level of security. There are extra measures such as handrails on the hotel stairs, children's pools, and children's beds.


Family Friendly Hotels of Istanbul: Elite World Prestige and Elite World Istanbul

Elite World Prestige and Elite World Istanbul, decorated with a modern understanding, are located in Beyoğlu, one of the most popular districts of Istanbul. These family-friendly hotels make your holiday experience more enjoyable with their comfortable and hygienic rooms. You can make your holiday unforgettable with Elite World Prestige and Elite World Istanbul, which have many advantages from open buffet meals where delicious foods are served to indoor pools where children can swim safely.

You can visit the websites of Elite World Prestige and Elite World Istanbul hotels to make a reservation now.