Facts The About the Van Castle - History and Features

Facts The About the Van Castle - History and Features

Van, one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, hosts many local and foreign tourists every year. Van Castle is one of the most visited places in this city, which attracts attention thanks to its historical buildings, wonderful food, original atmosphere, and unique nature. This castle, built during the Urartian period, is located on the shores of Lake Van, which is the subject of legends. The castle, which attracts the attention of tourists with its unique view and remarkable structure, is located on a steep rock. You can take wonderful photographs and have the chance to watch the city from above in this castle, which can be reached by walking.


A Journey into the History of the Van Castle

The history of Van Castle, built by the Urartian king Sarduri I, dates back to the 9th century BC. Van Castle, which is approximately 100 meters above the ground, allows visitors to examine the works on it easily, as it has managed to survive until today. Van Castle, which is considered the busiest point of Tuşba, the capital of Urartu, has walls, temples, and rock tombs. While visiting the castle, you can see cuneiform tablets thought to have been written by Sarduri I. There are also caves inside the castle that serve different purposes. You can get detailed information about the history of the castle with these structures and artifacts that you will see. You can reach the top of the castle and enjoy Van with the lake scenery after a pleasant walk.


A Legendary Love: Construction of the Van Castle

The legend about Van Castle dates back to Queen Semiramis, who lived in the 9th century BC. Semiramis, who is known to have been queen for five years, is said to be a very beautiful and tyrannical woman. According to the rumor, Semiramis, who ruled Assyria, which reigned in the Mesopotamian geography, one day went on an expedition to the Van region. She wanted to take over this region. The Queen had a hard time finding true love and had a rival which he was the young and handsome Ara. Semiramis, who was in love with Ara, the ruler of the Van region at that time, had to keep her feelings to herself. Later in the war, she manages to capture the city with her army, but Ara dies at the end of the war. Burying the pain in her heart, Semiramis orders her armies to return. The Queen, who saw Lake Van during the journey, was very impressed by it. The steep rock right next to the lake attracts the Queen's attention. She decides to have a castle built here in memory of Ara. She also builds a city around the castle. The Queen, who decided to settle here under the influence of the pain of love that she had experienced, starts to miss her hometown after a while. She entrusts both the castle and the city to a commander named Van. According to legend, the current name of the city comes from this commander. The legend of Van Castle, described as a symbol of broken love, is passed down through generations and is dedicated to all the lovers around the world who couldn’t reunite.


Transportation and Entrance to the Van Castle

Located in İpekyolu, the central district of Van, the castle is approximately five kilometers away from the city center. You can reach the castle easily with your private vehicle, taxi, or by using public transportation. It is possible to arrive at the castle in just fifteen minutes thanks to the minibusses departing from Beşyol Plaza. There are tourist attractions such as museums and public gardens around the 1,800-meter-long castle. After reaching the castle, you can visit the interesting caves, rock tombs, inscriptions and temples that are inside the castle with the ticket or MüzeKart+ that you have purchased.

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