Facts About Van Edremit

Facts About Van Edremit

Van Edremit welcomes more and more visitors every day with its fascinating beaches and historical texture. Those who come to Edremit for traveling or business trips are amazed by the texture of the city and its delicious local dishes. If you are going to visit this unique city, you may want to get information about Van Edremit. Here's what you need to know before going to Edremit!


Geographical Location and History of Edremit District

Located on the shores of Lake Van, Turkey's largest lake, Edremit is a fascinating city with its nature as well as its historical texture. Edremit, which was known by names such as Gümüşdere and Sarmansuyu in the past, was a sub-district of Van and gained district status in 1990. The city, which develops and attracts the attention of tourists because it is one of the central districts of Van, has hosted many civilizations throughout history. Due to its location, many civilizations such as the Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, Persians and Urartians left their mark on Edremit.


Places To Visit in Edremit

There are many natural and historical beauties you can visit when you come to Van Edremit. Here are some of those beauties:


Edremit Beach

Edremit Beach has an average coastline of 5 kilometers. When you go to Edremit, you can leave your car aside and walk on the beach. On the Edremit Coast, you can spend time in cafes where you can sip your tea against the view of Lake Van, ride your bike on bicycle tracks and let your children have a pleasant time in children's playgrounds and sports areas. You can take pictures of the unique view and watch the sunset on the observation platform.


Edremit Church

Edremit Church is thought to have been built in the XV or XVI. century is one of the important historical and cultural structures of the city. The building, which extends in the east-west direction and has a rectangular form, fascinates those who see it with its fascinating architecture reflecting the period. If you enjoy visiting historical buildings and you happen to be in Edremit, we recommend that you do not leave the city without visiting the church.


Engil (Dilkaya) Bird Sanctuary

There are approximately 215 species of birds in the Van Lake Basin. The basin, which has approximately half of the 450-500 bird species in our country, is full of the peaceful sounds of birds. Entitled as a protected area by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the bird sanctuary is also frequented by flamingos in summer. You can also visit here, check out the birds and immerse yourself in the tranquil atmosphere of nature.


What Can You Eat in Edremit?

Van is a great location for gastronomy tourism. For this reason, when you go to Edremit, you should not leave the city without tasting traditional delicacies. Fish restaurants are especially popular in Edremit. You can watch Lake Van while enjoying unique tastes at the fish restaurants located on the seaside, which create a wonderful evening for you with their views. You should also try local delicacies such as pötürge and çorti. In addition, local delicacies such as murtağa and Acem meatballs are among the foods that you should try.


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