Facts about the Ancient City of Ephesus

Facts about the Ancient City of Ephesus

The Ancient City of Ephesus is one of the most important historical places in our country, which has hosted different civilizations throughout history. This fascinating ancient city in Izmir is flocked by local and foreign tourists throughout the year with all its splendor and magnificent architecture. How about exploring the history of the Ancient City of Ephesus, one of the most important world capitals of its period and the must-see structures here? If your answer is "Yes!", let's get to know this unique ancient city more closely.


The Magnificent City That Fascinates with Its Unique History: The Ancient City of Ephesus

The history of the Ancient City of Ephesus, located within the borders of the Selçuk district of Izmir and home to many civilizations throughout history, dates back to 6000 BC. Ephesus, which was an important settlement and commercial center during the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empire periods, is among the places that still maintain its historical importance today.

The city, where immigrants from Greece started to live in 1050 BC, moved around the Temple of Artemis in 560 BC. The current version of the Ancient City of Ephesus was founded by Lysimachus, one of the generals of Alexander the Great, in 300 BC. In the city where the grid plan layout is used, all avenues and streets are designed to intersect each other perpendicularly.

This magnificent city, the capital of the Asian province, experienced its brightest times, especially during the Hellenistic and Roman periods. The city changed location again during the Byzantine Period and moved to Ayasuluk Hill around Selçuk, where it was first discovered. The city, which fell into the hands of the Turks in the 1300s, began to shrink over time and in 1923, the region took the name Selçuk.


The Most Important Port City of the Ancient World: Ephesus 

Ephesus was one of the most important settlement centers for the civilizations that hosted from the past to the present. The port city, which has a strategic location thanks to its location between Asia and Europe, its location on trade routes and its fertile lands, has maintained its political and commercial importance throughout history. The ancient city, which also hosts the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the world, has played a major role in the developments in science, culture, and art throughout history.

Ephesus, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is still standing with its unique architecture and magnificent structures. The ancient city, which hosts approximately 1.5 million tourists annually from all over the world, continues to maintain the magnificence of its period today.


Buildings You Need to Visit in the Ancient City of Ephesus

Home to many fascinating structures, the Ancient City of Ephesus takes its visitors on a journey through time. Many magnificent buildings in the ancient city, from the theater to the church, from the library to the temple, attract attention with their fine workmanship.

We can list some of the most successful architectural examples of this unique city that are worth seeing as follows:


The Temple of Artemis

The Temple of Artemis, which is on the UNESCO World Heritage List, is among the largest and most fascinating structures of its period. The temple, built in the name of the goddess Artemis in 550 BC, was damaged and rebuilt many times over the years due to fires and invasions. Although only one column remains today in the Temple of Artemis, one of the Seven Wonders of the World, this unique structure continues to maintain its historical importance.


Library of Celsus

Library of Celsus, built in the early 2nd century AD in the name of Tiberius Julius Celsus Polemaeanus, is one of the most important buildings of the Ancient City of Ephesus. It is thought that the library, built during the Roman Empire, hosted more than 12,000 scrolls at the time. Library of Celsus, also known as the third largest library of the Ancient Age, is among the historical buildings that are worth seeing in the Ancient City of Ephesus.


The Ancient Theatre of Ephesus

Known as the largest ancient theatre of the time it was built, The Ancient Theatre of Ephesus is a structure that proves the importance that is given to art. The historical venue, which was used for gladiator fights as well as shows when it was built, still hosts many concerts and events today. The acoustics of The Ancient Theatre of Ephesus, which is a unique example of architecture, are also quite fascinating. Even if you are sitting at the top row here, you can hear the person at the bottom calling you.


Agora Square

Among the structures you should see when you visit the ancient city is Agora Square, which was used as the meeting area of the city in the past. It is said that Agora Square, which contained official buildings and was also used as a marketplace, was a very active and lively place in its time. During your cultural holiday, you can also add Agora Square, known as the heart of commerce in Ephesus, to your route.


Basilica of Saint John

The Basilica of Saint John, which has a special importance in the history of Christianity, is a structure built for Saint John, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus. Saint John, also known as John the Apostle, who made a great effort to spread Christianity, is commemorated by the tourists who are visiting this historical building to this day. In the church, which amazes with its fascinating architecture, services continue to be held each year on May 8, Saint of the Day.

When you come to the Ancient City of Ephesus, you can visit many historical places such as the Church of Mary, the Seven Sleepers, the Consul Church, the Harbor Bath, Ayasuluk Castle, Hercules Gate, Temple of Domitian, Fountain of Pollio, Magnesia Gate and Memmius Monument.


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