Exercising at Home

Exercising at Home

Can You Do Sports Without Equipment?

You don't have to go to the gym to exercise. You can exercise at home without tools, even without expensive accessories. Or you can create your equipment. For example, making a dumbbell set by filling fruits and vegetables in small bags is possible. Likewise, you can use water bottles for weight training.


How to Exercise at Home

All that is needed to do sports at home is perseverance and desire. There are no obstacles in front of you after choosing the region you want to work in. Here are the effective moves you will enjoy doing!


1. Abdominal Area

Fatty and sugary foods, acidic drinks can cause your belly to rise. But no matter how much you pay attention to your diet, it is challenging to get rid of abdominal fat without exercising. It is effortless to get a flat stomach in a short time with regular movements.


Shuttle Movement

Lie down on a flat surface.

Create support by bringing your hands together behind the horn.

Right up by tightening your abdomen and hip area.

Repeat three times, 15 times each.


Cycling Exercise

Lie on your back on a flat surface.

Put your hands together behind your neck.

Bend your knees to form a 90-degree angle.

Slightly lift your upper area.

Bring your left knee closer to your right elbow.

Turn your feet while imagining you are riding a bike.


2. Hip Area

The hip is one of the areas you need to pay attention to have a fit body. Although particular training movements for the hip area are tiring, they are quite fun. These exercises allow you to work your abdomen, hips, and legs at the same time.


Squat Exercise

Open your feet at shoulder height.

Extend your arms forward.

You can also keep it in your lower back if your arms are sore.

Bend your knees down.

Take care to push your hips back.

Keep your shoulders, spine, and waistline as straight as possible.

Continue to bend until the hip joint is down at your knees.

Repeat two times, provided there are ten repetitions in a set.

Increase the number of sets as you get used to the movement.


Cross Shuttle Movement

Lie on your back on a flat surface.

Put your hands together behind your neck.

Break your right leg at the knee and pull it towards your abdomen.

Raise your left shoulder towards your knee.

In the same way, do the left leg and right shoulder movements.

Repeat in 3 sets, ten times each.


3. Legs

If you complain about the excess on your legs, you can tighten your leg area with movements you can do at home.


Scissor Movement

Lie on your back on a flat surface.

Place your hands under your hips, facing the floor.

Make sure your waist is straight.

Inhale your abdominal muscles.

Your legs must look forward and be tense.

Lift your legs and move them up and down like scissors at short intervals.

Your feet or legs should not touch the ground while doing the movement.

Complete the action with two sets of 20 repetitions.


Kick Back Action

Stand on your hands and knees on a flat surface.

Keep your waist straight.

Extend one leg back as far as possible.

Make sure your knee does not touch the ground.

Return to the first position on your knees again.

Repeat the same movement for your other leg.

Complete your move with three sets of 15 movements.


4. Arms

Fats in the arm area may sag and cause a sinister appearance. You can slim your arms in just two movements.


Chair Support

Get a seat or chair behind you.

Turn back to the chair and grab the edge for support.

Bring your knees towards the floor.

Down and rise.

Repeat at least ten times a day.


Circular Arm Movement

Open your feet shoulder-width apart.

Make your hands fist.

Open your arms sideways so that they are parallel to the floor.

Move your arms quickly in a clockwise direction.

Repeat at least 40 times a day.