Everything To Know About Van Breakfast!

Everything To Know About Van Breakfast!

The biggest reason for the Van breakfast is compromised the fact that the province of Van is on the Silk Road. The fact that it is on the Silk Road is the biggest reason for this breakfast. Everything in the van breakfast is exceptionally delicious and fresh. If you are wondering what is found in Van breakfast, let's list some foods in Van breakfast: Murtuga, olives, eggs, roasted-sausage, feta cheese, herb cheese, tzatziki, chilled butter, Van honey, yoghurt cream, milk-skimmed, knitted cheese. Besides, in summer and winter, additions such as honey-pekmez, piyaz, cacık and tahini can be seen. Van breakfast is served with samovar tea and cooked with stone bread baked lavash bread. Tea has an essential place in Van breakfast. However, goat and sheep milk may also be required. You can't see pastry products in Van breakfast. The breakfast halls in Van also open with daylight and shut off at sunset.

The importance of the local people in animal husbandry, the importance of milk and milk products, the culture, nature and history of Van has brought the food culture to the fore.


First breakfast place

The first breakfast place in the modern sense in Van was opened in 1947 by Mehmet Emin and Nusret Şahin on Cumhuriyet Street. The name of this breakfast room is the "Milk House". At that time, the menu had tahini, molasses, herbed cheese, tea and milk. This place, which was transferred in 1950, was later closed. In 1953, the second milk house was opened by Fevzi Timur and Mehmet Timur. It attracted tourists for many years. In the 1970s, when the salon owner was doing his military service, he met some foods such as sausage, roasting, cheddar cheese, olives and white cheese, so Van's breakfast was varied with the introduction of these foods.

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