European Side Steakhouses Guide

European Side Steakhouses Guide

Istanbul, which hosts the unique tastes of world cuisine, manages to attract gastronomy enthusiasts with its restaurants that serve scrumptious dishes. Meat dishes, which are among the indispensable flavors of traditional Turkish cuisine, are especially a favorite for many people. You can also find beautiful steakhouses on the European side of Istanbul that offer flavors that will appeal to many different tastes. We have compiled the locations of the restaurants that are paradise for meat lovers and the points to consider when choosing a steakhouse just for you.


Enjoy Delicious Meat Dishes on the European Side!

The European side of Istanbul invites food enthusiasts to a scrumptious gastronomy experience with many options such as grill restaurants, kebab restaurants and steakhouses. Especially Beşiktaş, Beyoğlu, Florya, Fatih, Sarıyer, Nişantaşı, Bebek and Şişli are among the districts that host quality steak restaurants.

Offering a rich variety of restaurants and cafes, Beşiktaş has many different places where you can find popular tastes such as döner, meatballs and iskender. Restaurants that provide service at high standards also stand out in Beyoğlu and Nişantaşı. Restaurants that offer a different experience in many aspects, from the taste of the food to its presentation, from the decoration of the environment to the quality of service, host meat varieties that will leave an unforgettable taste on your palate.

If you say, "I cannot live without kebab!", you can also change your route to the Fatih district in Istanbul. You can enjoy a pleasant and satisfying dinner with your loved ones in restaurants where you can find many different types of kebabs such as tomato kebab, pistachio kebab, Adana kebab and eggplant kebab.

If you say, "I would like to brighten up my day by tasting delicious meats against a unique view," you can choose the steakhouses in Bebek and Sarıyer. You can have an unforgettable taste experience in restaurants where you can find many different types of meat such as roast beef tenderloin, küşleme, lamb chops, fillet steak, sirloin and entrecôte.

On the European side, you can choose steakhouses that take you on a pleasant culinary journey for many different events, from romantic dinners to business meetings, from friends to family gatherings.


Things to Consider When Choosing a Steakhouse

When choosing among steakhouses on the European side, you can choose places that use fresh and high-quality meat in their meals, offer an abundant menu option and attach importance to hygiene rules.

We can list some of the things you can pay attention to when choosing a steakhouse:

  • Quality of the Meat: The quality of the meat used by the restaurant in its meals is one of the most important issues to consider when choosing a restaurant. The quality of the meat is determined by where it is sourced, chopped and storage conditions. In this context, you can research restaurants that prefer quality and fresh meat in their meals.
  • Hygiene and Cleanliness: It is of great importance that the restaurant is clean, and the meals are prepared under hygienic conditions so that you can have a healthier and higher quality meal. Keeping the kitchen tidy, the cleanliness of the restaurant and the kitchen and service staff complying with the hygiene rules can provide you with a better service experience.
  • The Diversity of the Menu: Since everyone has different tastes, you can choose restaurants that offer many different red and white meat options such as beef, lamb, and chicken.
  • Meat Cooking Techniques: Another important factor in choosing a steakhouse is the way the meat is cooked and presented. You can choose restaurants that take into account customers' demands in terms of meat cooking techniques and make aesthetic and appetizing presentations.
  • Service Quality: Steakhouses that provide professional service and are hospitable manage to attract more customers. It is very important that the food is served on time and follows a customer satisfaction-oriented approach in steakhouses where experienced waiters work. This way, you can have a more enjoyable experience and leave the restaurant satisfied.
  • The ambiance of the Place: The decoration and ambiance of the steakhouse are also among the important criteria. Eating in a place where you feel comfortable and that appeals to your taste can increase your satisfaction. You can add steak restaurants that are decorated in traditional, stylish, or modern styles to your preferences.
  • Price-Performance Balance: The prices of meals in a restaurant can be shaped according to the service that is offered to customers and the quality of the meals. Good service and reasonable food prices can increase customer satisfaction.
  • Comments and Reviews: Reviews from customers who have eaten at the restaurant before can give you an idea about the quality of the steakhouse. You can get more ideas about the steak restaurants on the European Side by examining the comments made on social media platforms or the website.


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