Elite World Hotels & Resorts for Those Who Would Like to Have a Hotel Wedding in İstanbul

Elite World Hotels & Resorts for Those Who Would Like to Have a Hotel Wedding in İstanbul

The wedding day is one of the most meaningful and unique days for couples. A magnificent wedding, especially held in a stylish environment, can turn this meaningful day into an unforgettable memory. There are many venues and hotels that those who would like to organize a wedding in Istanbul can choose. Combining comfort and elegance, Elite World Hotels & Resorts manages to stand out among the hotels where you can organize a wedding with its experienced staff members and the services that it offers.

You can add meaning to your wedding day and turn this special day into a feast by choosing Elite World Hotels & Resorts, which serves on the European and Anatolian Sides. Let's check out in more detail the opportunities offered by Elite World Hotels & Resorts, which promises a comfortable wedding experience for both you and your guests.


Locations That Are Offering Easy Transportation

The location of the venue you choose when organizing a wedding is quite important. Choosing a wedding venue that offers easy transportation and is centrally located can provide great convenience for both couples and guests.

If you are looking for a wedding venue right in the heart of the city, you can choose Elite World Hotels & Resorts. If you would like to hold your wedding on the Anatolian Side, you can choose Elite World Grand İstanbul Küçükyalı, located in Maltepe Küçükyalı. On the European Side, you can also consider Elite World İstanbul Taksim located in Taksim, Elite World İstanbul Florya located in the center of Florya, or Elite World Grand İstanbul Basın Ekspres located in Küçükçekmece Basın Ekspres road.


Trend of Recent Years: Poolside Weddings

Poolside weddings, which are among the popular concepts of recent times, are the dreams of many couples with their magnificent atmosphere. A fascinating atmosphere is created for the couples that are getting married with table arrangements, stylish decorations, lights, and decorations around the pool. In addition, the freshness of the outdoors offers a more comfortable wedding environment for both you and your guests. Depending on your budget and expectations, you can have a fairytale-like wedding experience with your loved ones around a small or large pool. 

Located in Istanbul, Elite World Grand İstanbul Basın Ekspres is among the ideal options for a poolside wedding concept. The hotel, which makes your dreams come true with its modern architecture and aesthetic designs, promises you an unforgettable day with the flawless service of its experienced staff members. You can also benefit from the privileges of Elite World Hotels & Resorts for a poolside wedding in the heart of the city by staying away from the noise.


Top Off Your Wedding Day with Unforgettable Flavors

One of the most important points to consider when organizing a wedding is the choice of food and beverages. Scrumptious and high-quality starters, hot entrees, main courses, desserts, or treats can please both you and your guests. You can create the meal menu that you desire among many different alternatives or leave the selection to the hotel's experienced chefs.

You can choose the food menus according to your own taste or customize your wedding by choosing alcoholic or non-alcoholic options. Our Elite World İstanbul hotels offer an unforgettable taste experience with special menus that are prepared by award-winning chefs. You can plan your wedding meal by contacting the organization team and tasting the food on the menu before the wedding.


Accommodation Opportunities for Out-of-Town Guests and Married Couples 

Accommodation options are among the most important elements of wedding organizations, especially for guests coming from out of town. Guests can choose to relax after a pleasant and entertaining wedding. For this reason, it is of great importance that you choose hotels that offer stylish, safe, and comfortable accommodations. Elite World Hotels & Resorts offers unique accommodation services for your guests in modern rooms that are designed meticulously. Guests that are coming from out of town can relax in immaculate rooms with views and relieve the tiredness of this special day. There are different accommodation options in all our hotels under the umbrella of Elite World Hotels & Resorts.

Elite World Hotels & Resorts is with you to plan your wedding day in the best way possible with its expert organization team. You can bring your dream wedding to life by planning all the details of your wedding together with the organization team. You can contact Elite World Hotels & Resorts right away for the hotel wedding that you are planning to hold in Istanbul and find answers to all your questions.