Eco-Friendly Hotels

Eco-Friendly Hotels

What is an Eco-Friendly Hotel?

The dangers we face due to the climate crisis, the endangerment of sustainability, and the rapid depletion of our resources do increase our environmental awareness. Today, the increasing awareness of social responsibility leads consumers to greener businesses. Environmentally friendly businesses meet the needs of society with an environmentally friendly policy and prioritize sustainability.

The tourism sector accounts for approximately 25% of the factors that trigger global warming and climate crisis. Studies carried out to reduce this rate; are environment-friendly, in other words, it enables green hotels to become widespread. It should not be thought that the sole purpose of environmentally friendly hotels is to reduce the damage to the environment. Eco-friendly hotels: It proceeds with plans to reduce the harm caused by human production to the environment, with many activities such as energy-saving, solid waste, and water management, and makes investments in this direction. Green hotels follow environmentally friendly policies in all processes until they reach the stage of service. Eco-friendly hotels provide high performance with lower resource usage if they implement sustainable activities correctly.


Features of Eco-Friendly Hotels

Environmentally friendly hotels have water saving systems. Recycling water is very valuable for our world. Due to the decrease in the amount of rain and snow, the decrease in the water fill rate in our dams brings us to the brink of great danger. Eco-friendly hotels that want to draw attention to this point have water filtering and recycling systems and faucets that allow water to be consumed more economically.


Renewable Energy Sources Are Used

Eco-friendly hotels use renewable energy sources such as solar panels and geothermal. Thus, fossil fuel consumption is reduced, and energy savings are achieved.


Eco-Friendly Hotels Act with Their Employees

Green hotels, with their responsibility for the carbon footprint of not only their customers but also their employees. Moving forward with employees staying at or near the hotel prevents employees from having difficulties in transportation while reducing the carbon footprint that increases due to transportation.


Use of Fossil Fuels is Reduced

Having electric vehicles and charging stations for electric vehicles in environmentally friendly hotels is very important to reduce the number of vehicles running on fossil fuels. With this change, it is possible to reduce carbon emissions.


Recycled and Environmentally Friendly Products Are Used

Eco-friendly hotels use non-toxic and recyclable products. Thanks to this choice, which also provides financial advantages to hotels, the use of environmentally friendly products becomes widespread, and a sustainable policy is followed.


Why Should You Stay in an Eco-Friendly Hotel?

Every problem that exists in the world we live in affects us directly or indirectly. As the contaminated water mixes with our food and drinks, the soil penetrates our bodies. If we do not start to take precautions in this age where the carbon footprint is increasing unconcernedly, we may face great dangers. That's why we should do our best and contribute to nature by choosing hotels that follow environmentally friendly policies.


Eco-Friendly Hotel Chain: Elite World Hotels

Elite World Hotels, one of the first accommodation points that comes to mind when it comes to environmentally friendly hotels, carefully protects nature with its environmentally friendly principles. Elite World Hotels, which collects recyclable blue covers, sends these covers to the TOFD association, allowing people in need to buy battery-powered chairs. In addition, it helps to feed the plants by packaging the coffee wastes used in the Coffee Companies in the hotel chains. Elite World Hotels, aiming to reduce fossil fuel consumption and thus carbon footprint, facilitates the use of electric vehicles with electric vehicle charging stations in selected hotels.

You can choose Elite World Hotels to contribute to a sustainable ecosystem by staying in an environmentally friendly hotel.