Eastern Region Luxury Hotels

Eastern Region Luxury Hotels

Places to Visit in Eastern Anatolia Region

As we mentioned before, the Eastern Anatolia Region attracts the attention of tourists with its historical beauties and cuisine. Architectural structures witnessing history and magnificent natural beauties awaits you in this region. The cuisine, as well as the historical texture of the region, is another subject that attracts a lot of attention. Considering all of these, the demand for the region increases at a high rate, especially in the spring and summer seasons. The Eastern Anatolia Region hosts more and more tourists every year thanks to the visits organized within the scope of cultural tours and individual travels. Now we leave you alone with the places you must see when you visit Eastern Anatolia.

Akdamar Island and Akdamar Church(Van)

Lake Van(Van)

Çıldır Lake(Ardahan)

Mount Ararat(Ağrı)

Buban chimneys(Bingöl)

Floating Islands(Bingöl)

Caspian Lake(Elazığ)

Harput Castle(Elazığ)

Girlevik Waterfall(Erzincan)

Twin Minaret Madrasa(Erzurum)

Meteor Crater(Iğdır)

Ancient City of Ani(Kars)

Arslantepe Mound(Malatya)

Arakelots Monastery(Mush)

Bagir Pasa Mountain and Crater Lake(Tunceli)

Nemrut Crater Lake(Bitlis)


Of course, the places to visit in the region are not limited to these. Especially the city of Van attracts a lot of tourists both in the winter and summer seasons.


Do not Come Back from Your Eastern Trip Without Stopping in Van

Van, who has attracted the most tourists in recent years in Eastern Anatolia, is also the most populous city in the region. Thanks to its history dating back to 5000 BC and its fertile geography, the city is one of the favorite stops of tourists who plan to take a culture and nature holiday. Van welcomes its guest, especially during the spring and summer seasons. During the winter seasons, thanks to Abalı Ski Center, hosts its ski enthusiasts. If you are planning to make a touristic trip to the Eastern Anatolia Region, you should stop by Van. You can spend at least 4-5 days in this historic city and discover the beauties of the city. When you visit Van, you should see the places we will mention about now.

Lake Van

Van Castle

Lake Erçek

Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Aghtamar Island

Adır Island

Çarpanak and Kuşadası

Van Museum

Seven Churches of Revelation

Vanadocia(Van’s Fairy Chimneys)

Hoşap Castle

Ancient Urartian site of Cavustepe(Sardurihinilli,Van)

House of Van Cats

Apart from these, do not forget to taste the Alburnus tarichi that grows only in Van Lake. Also, do not end your holiday without having the legendary Van breakfast and tasting Van cheese with herbs. So, which hotel should you stay in for a comfortable and enjoyable holiday when you visit Van? Here are the luxury hotels where you can stay in the city…


Enjoy Your Holiday to The Fullest Thanks to Elite World Van Hotel

Elite World Van, one of Turkey’s largest hotel chains, is waiting for you with its superior service understanding and expert staff. The hotel is located in the very center of Van. It promises a dream holiday to its guests with its social activity areas, delicious cuisine, and many opportunities it offers. You can stay in Elite World Van’s spacious and voluminous rooms and relieve your sweet exhaustion after wandering around the city with a cup of coffee in the lobby area. In addition, you can easily reach every part of the city and visit every place you are curious about. If you want to have an unforgettable holiday experience in the Eastern Anatolia Region, you can contact Elite World Van for detailed information and make a reservation.