Catering Suggestions for Business Meetings

Catering Suggestions for Business Meetings

Things to Consider Before Creating the Catering Menu

● You may have undertaken the catering organization alone, or you may be working with a catering company. In any case, you must first determine the number of participants. First, estimate realistically, considering the size of the organization. Then, select the maximum number of participants to be affected by the changes until the meeting date.

● Budget is one of the most critical topics in meals and meeting refreshments. First, choose the one that best suits your budget and professionalism among different concept and catering options. Then, you can strike a balance between the two with unconventional but affordable treats.

● It may make your job easier to determine the catering menu following the central theme of the meeting. For example, choosing a country cuisine as the theme may be more elegant than the classic treats to have at every company meeting.

● Before determining the menu, you must take into account the meeting time and duration. During long meeting breaks, you can indulge in refreshments that will keep participants energized, alert, and focused.

● Food-beverage balance is also one of the things to be considered in business meetings. Do not forget to serve enough water to all participants. In addition to tea and coffee offerings, you can increase your options with fruit juice and soda alternatives.


Catering Suggestions for Successful Business Meetings

● Refreshments consisting of seasonal fruits and vegetables can whet the appetite of the participants with their vivid colors. You can serve these fruits with light desserts or cold following the season.

● To be healthy, you should include whole-grain or healthy flour options in the catering menu. For example, whole wheat for cookies and canapes and einkorn for bread are good options. In addition, you can serve single-serving salads prepared with buckwheat and quinoa with low-fat and low-salt dressings.

● Reducing the portion of cold sandwiches, which is a convention classic, will help you avoid the weight of the meal. You can also consider the slice sandwich option in terms of variety.

● You can serve mixtures of raw or roasted nuts as snacks and serve them from protein bars.

● Similarly, you can choose "mini" desserts, sorbet, or frozen bars for dessert.

● In addition to disposable water bottles, you can also consider offering aromatic water. For example, water containing lemon or cucumber, a healthier option, allows your guests to refresh.


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