Best Places to Organize a Group Event

Best Places to Organize a Group Event

Special venues are preferred for organizing engagements, baby showers, birthdays, congresses, business meetings, or any group event. An enjoyable organization is achieved in accordance with the format of the event, which is held in venues with different characteristics. Let's examine together where are the most suitable venues to organize a group event in different parts of Turkey that will satisfy both the event hosts and the guests.


The Best Location for Those Who Want to Organize an Event on the European Side of Istanbul: Taksim

Taksim, which hosts all the beauties of cultural richness and history, is becoming one of the most crowded and frequented places in Istanbul. Taksim, which has managed to attract the attention of tourists with its vivacious city life, stands out not only with its cultural and historical richness but also with its being a trade center. In this respect, it is among the favorite locations for those who want to organize events.

If your guests are mostly on the Anatolian side, Taksim, which is easily accessible by sea or land, might be a good choice for them. Elite World Istanbul Taksim and Elite World Comfy Istanbul Taksim, which are among the most suitable venues for the group event you will organize in Taksim, are ready to open their doors to you.


The New Address of Your Business or Social Meetings: Basın Ekspres

One of the most frequented centers of the European Side, Basın Ekspres has wonderful places where you can organize various meetings or organize a business lunch for your loved ones. With its modern and comfortable design, Elite Restaurant, located within Elite World Grand Istanbul Basın Ekspres, is waiting for its well-beloved guests. You can hold any event you wish in the meetings, congress, and event halls of the five-star luxury hotel. Located between the borders of the Halkalı district of Istanbul, the place dominates all over Istanbul.


For Those Seeking a Venue for an Event in Küçükyalı, the Pearl of the Anatolian Side

Located within the borders of Maltepe, one of the most populated settlements on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul, Küçükyalı is known for its many decent venues. You can also take walks on the beaches and taste the most delicious fish in the seafood restaurants. Moreover, Bağdat Street, one of the most famous streets of Istanbul, is also located here. If you need to organize an event on the Anatolian Side, you can turn your way to the meeting rooms offered by Elite World Grand Istanbul Küçükyalı to its well-beloved guests.


New Favorite City, New Event Center: Florya

If you are looking for a suitable place to organize a group event, you should definitely visit Florya, also known as Şenlikköy, one of the most beautiful neighborhoods of Bakırköy; one of the favorite living centers of Istanbul.

Florya, which has been in a lot of development, especially in recent years, hosts its guests with its many venues. If you want to organize an event with your loved ones in this region, you can be a guest at Elite World Istanbul Florya's venues for business and social events.


Appropriate Space for a Comfortable Organization: Elite World Hotels & Resorts

Meeting rooms and restaurants within Elite World Hotels & Resorts await you and your well-beloved guests. You will be able to continue your organizations with pleasure in these special venues, which are always ready to offer you unique tastes and concepts for both your business and private invitations.


To Have a Break in the Nature: Sapanca

You can take a short break from the crowded city life and execute both your business and social activities by enjoying nature with the magic of green and blue. Sapanca, which hosts many guests, especially from Istanbul, is among the most suitable places to organize group events. Sapanca continues to be popular because it is close to big cities and offers the unique beauties of nature. It is not only frequented by short breaks but also hosts business meetings. If you are looking for a special place for your business or social organizations and want to spend a holiday during this organization, Elite World Grand Sapanca can be a unique place for you and your guests.


Center of Cultural and Historical Wealth: Van

Van, the special city of the East, famous for its unique breakfast, cats, rugs, and large lake; It offers unique organization venues for the locals and guests of the city. Elite World Van, which will host your business or private organizations in Van, the city that stands out with its cultural and historical features in Turkey, opens its doors to its guests with its neoclassical and palace-style architecture and stylish decoration.