Best Adventure Parks Around Istanbul

Best Adventure Parks Around Istanbul

What Can Be Done When You Go To Amusement and Adventure Parks?

Adventure parks around Istanbul offer visitors of all ages an enjoyable experience. So, what can you do when you go to adventure parks?

You can explore nature by participating in safari tours with ATV and UTV in adventure parks.

You can have a pleasant time on the amusement tracks suitable for visitors of all ages in the parks.

You can try to climb straight or slightly sloping climbing walls and rocks.

You can have a good time with your family in the playgrounds specially designed for children.

You can experience the free jumping and jumping units found in adventure parks.

You can experience the excitement of sweet competition on the Survivor tracks.

You can take nature walks in challenging conditions.

Accompanied by these activities, you can spend good quality time with your loved ones all day in the parks. You can have fun and relax by spending time with nature away from the chaos and stress of the city. If you wish, you can dine at the facilities in the adventure parks and spend a pleasant weekend by staying at the adventure parks within the hotel.


A Location In The Heart Of Nature With Its Magnificent View: Sapanca

If you have decided to go to an adventure park to spend a pleasant weekend with your loved ones and family, but you do not know where to go, we have an excellent suggestion. Sapanca, with its magnificent nature and ease of transportation, comes to the fore with the most beautiful adventure track locations. Sapanca, which is connected to the province of Sakarya, promises a magnificent experience to its visitors with its clean air and natural beauties. Furthermore, this unique district offers an easy transportation opportunity with its proximity to Istanbul and offers you many alternatives with its amusement and adventure parks intertwined with nature. Would you like to enjoy the unique beauty of nature while you spend hours of fun with your family and loved ones? Then you can have a pleasant time by choosing the most suitable one among the adventure parks in Sapanca.


Enjoy your entertainment to the fullest with Elite World Sapanca

Elite World Sapanca, located in the most beautiful place of Sapanca, where green meets blue, is waiting for you with its quality service understanding. Located right on the shore of Sapanca Lake, Elite World Sapanca invites you to an enjoyable adventure with Adventure Park. Elite World Sapanca, which offers a wide range of alternatives from safari adventures to forest walks, from activity areas to cycling, promises you a magnificent experience in the heart of nature. You, too, can have many enjoyable experiences with Adventure Park:

You can participate in ATV and UTV safari tours on the tracks with lake and forest views, accompanied by private guides.

You can start the day with a walk on the trekking track of Elite World Sapanca. Thus, you can discover the lush nature of Sapanca.

You can tour Sapanca Lake for 30 minutes with the sultan's boat. At the end of the tour, you can relax in the facilities located by the lake.

You can have an exciting experience at the open-air shooting range where all necessary precautions are taken.

You can experience moments of fun and mystery with the Treasure Hunt game. You can discover the spirit of nature while trying to find ten mysterious points encrypted in the forest.

You can use tennis and basketball sports fields.

In addition, you can gain new experiences by participating in workshops held in various areas within Elite World Sapanca.

After having fun with your family in the adventure park, you can taste the delicious menus prepared in the hotel's kitchen and stay in the hotel's clean rooms with nature views. You can also contact Elite World Sapanca Convention & Wellness Resort to have a fun time in the heart of nature and make a reservation after getting detailed information.