Basin Ekspres Poolside Wedding Hotels

Basin Ekspres Poolside Wedding Hotels

A Majestic and Comfortable Wedding Concept: Poolside Weddings

Undoubtedly, couples preparing for marriage dream of the wedding organization take place in a charming atmosphere. An elegant wedding organization that you will plan in a spacious and open space will give you and your guests unforgettable moments. When you consider all these, poolside weddings, especially popular in the spring, summer and autumn months, can give you an experience far beyond your dreams. You can create a magnificent organization by planning your wedding in an impressive and comfortable atmosphere. In addition, you can create a wonderful memory by shaping other elements of the wedding concept around the poolside theme.

Many alternatives await you in Istanbul when it comes to poolside wedding venues. Choosing the most suitable one among the poolside wedding hotels in Istanbul is very important. It is necessary to do good research regarding both transportation and services. Considering these criteria, it can be pretty challenging to make the right choice among many options. Fortunately, when it comes to poolside wedding venues in Istanbul, the hotels in Basın Ekspres come to the fore among many options and save you the trouble of thinking for a long time.


Press Express Wedding Hotels with Ease of Transportation and Unique Beauty

One of the most important criteria when deciding on wedding venues is the choice of location. You and your guests need to choose a place with easy access in a metropolis like Istanbul. Choosing a peaceful location away from the city's noise helps the wedding be much more enjoyable. Press Ekspres, which is a part of the Küçükçekmece district on the European side, stands out as one of the ideal locations for this special event. The TEM-E80 and E5 highways, which provide the Asia-Europe connection, are located here. In addition, the district is on the railway network that extends to Europe and is connected to Sirkeci. This location, which can be easily reached by public transportation or private vehicles, offers your guests many alternatives. You can also choose the most suitable place for your budget and expectations by examining the Basın Ekspres road wedding hotels, which are very popular with ease of transportation and dazzling view.


Address of an Unforgettable Poolside Wedding Organization: Elite World Europe Hotel

Elite World Europe, located in Küçükçekmece Basın Ekspres, awaits you with its quality service approach. Located in the most beautiful location of Basın Ekspres, the hotel promises you a dream wedding organization with its experienced and expert staff. The 5-star Elite World Europe Hotel offers you an organization beyond your dreams with its unique view and spacious poolside wedding area. It adds a magical touch to every detail of your wedding with its many possibilities, such as food menus prepared by award-winning chefs, wedding decorations, and after-party. With the expert organization team, you can plan all these details down to the smallest detail. Thus, you can create a legendary organization by shaping the wedding concept of your dreams. In addition, thanks to the large car park of Elite World Europe Hotel, you can allow your guests to park their vehicles comfortably and safely. You can ensure that your guests coming from outside the city can relax by staying in the clean and spacious rooms of the hotel.

You can also benefit from the advantages that Elite World Hotel provides for your wedding organization:

According to your preference, you can stay for two nights free at Elite World Marmaris or Elite World Sapanca Hotel.

After the wedding, you can have a pleasant rest in your room specially prepared for you.

On your first wedding anniversary, you can experience wonderful nostalgia by staying free of charge in the room you stayed in on the wedding day, in line with the availability of the hotel. You can also enjoy the dinner, which is a 1st-year gift.

On the following day of the wedding, you can take advantage of the SPA and aromatherapy massage, accompanied by expert therapists, and relieve your tiredness.

On the wedding day, your families can easily prepare for the wedding in the private rooms reserved by the hotel.

Your guests can make a pleasant start to the night with delicious snacks before the wedding starts.

To experience the most special day of your life with a dreamlike organization, you can immediately contact Elite World Europe Hotel and get detailed information.