ATV Tours in Sapanca

ATV Tours in Sapanca

About ATV Tours

ATV tour is a nature sport made with ATV vehicles produced under challenging terrains such as mountains and hills. There is no requirement to have a license to use ATV vehicles so that anyone can participate in ATV tours. Depending on the capacity of the engine, it can be a single driver or passenger vehicle. Although there is usually no space next to the ATV driver, the passenger can sit next to the driver in some vehicles. Whether you are riding alone or with a passenger, having prior knowledge of the track where the ATV tour will take place will help you feel more comfortable during the trip and complete the tour with pleasure.


What should be considered in ATV Safari Tours?

Before embarking on ATV Safari tours, it's helpful to look at what you need to know about this sport, especially if you haven't done it before. Before you start ATV Safari tours, you can pay attention to the following:

● You must be over the age of 17 for the ATV safari tour. However, if you don't mind the age limit, you are ready to start an enjoyable ATV tour.

● Just before the ATV safari tour, you receive 15 minutes of theoretical training and 15 minutes of practical exercise by experts at the place where you receive the service. Thanks to this information, you can learn about ATV tours even if you have no experience, and you will know what you need to pay attention to have a safe experience.

● Before starting ATV tours, don't forget to choose a suitable outfit for the season. In this adrenaline-charged experience, you will get into the mud and spend a short day in nature. That's why your clothes need to match the environment and seasonal conditions for your comfort. For example, if it is winter, a coat to keep you warm, or a rainy day, a quality raincoat will protect you against unwanted situations. Also, make sure that your sneakers are suitable for the ATV tour.

● Before starting the ATV safari tour, the company provides you with the necessary equipment for your safety. Do not skip these features while researching the company you will choose. Equipment such as a cross helmet, body armor, and goggles are essential for your safety on the ATV tour.

● It is strictly forbidden to talk on the phone and smoke during the tour. Since these are situations that distract your attention and threaten your security, they are one of the most critical issues.


Why Should You Prefer Sapanca for ATV Tours?

Sapanca is an ideal spot for short vacations with its proximity to Istanbul. Sapanca, which is one of the choices of everyone who wants to spend time alone with nature thanks to its magnificent nature, also offers a suitable environment for outdoor sports. ATV tours are also top-rated in Sapanca, which welcomes everyone who wants a peaceful holiday surrounded by nature. You can find many essential features for your comfort in the region, which offers a comfortable track for ATV tours with suitable forest areas. Sapanca is one of the best addresses for returning to nature, with its proximity to accommodation areas and allowing many nature activities and ATV tours.


You Can Have Fun With ATV Tours in Elite World Sapanca

Elite World Sapanca offers its valued guests the best alternatives to escape to nature. At Elite World Sapanca Convention & Wellness Resort, you can find many activities to be alone with nature. However, elite World Sapanca stands out with its outdoor activities and offers you everything you want with outdoor activities such as yoga, pilates, forest walks, and aquapark. Elite World Sapanca, which has a very suitable land for trekking and ATV safari, promises you an unforgettable experience with the first and only biological pond, aquapark, and region pool within its 44 decares of land. You can get detailed information by calling Elite World Sapanca to complement the service you will receive in comfortable rooms accompanied by expert staff during your trip, with adrenaline-charged ATV safari tours and more outdoor activities.