Anatolian Side Running Tracks

Anatolian Side Running Tracks

Anatolian Side running tracks: Feneryolu- Suadiye coastal road

This course, which is 6 km away, is one of the most popular spots on the Anatolian side. The most refreshing hours of this course are the cool morning hours. You can calculate your mileage with running rulers on this course with the Princes' Islands view.


Anatolian side running tracks: Özgürriyet Park- Göztepe

Özgürliük Park, which has easy access, has a concrete track. The bike path is asphalt. You can run among the linden trees in the course which is 1.3 km in length. After sports, you can enjoy your tea in the cafe in the park.


Anatolian side running tracks: Aydos Forest

Aydos Forest, which has a very high oxygen level, is located in Kartal. You can enter this forest through different gates. There is no track in Aydos Forest. So you need to be careful while running. If you want to have pleasant jogging among the pine forests, Aydos Forest is for you!


Anatolian Side running tracks: Bostancı- Tuzla running track

This course, which runs between Bostancı Deniz İskelesi and Tuzla, is an excellent alternative for those who want to run with the smell of iodine. You can enjoy a pleasant run away from the traffic on the 16 km track.


Anatolian Side running tracks: Üsküdar- Beykoz coastline

Located between Uskudar and Beykoz, this course is quite long. It is possible to finish your run at any point. Sometimes this line can be crowded, but if you leave in the morning, you can pleasantly complete your run.


Anatolian side running tracks: Validebağ Grove

Located in Üsküdar, Validebağ Grove is a very suitable course for footpaths, slopes and distance runs. Let's say that if you're afraid of dogs, our dog friends are here.


Anatolian side running tracks: Caddebostan Shore

Caddebostan Beach, located between Fenerbahçe and Pendik, is not only suitable for jogging, cycling, skating but also for sports. The beach has a 1700-meter soft carpet floor as well as an asphalt track.


Anatolian side running tracks: Orhangazi Şehir Parkı

Located on the shore of Maltepe, this embankment park is a cycling, pedestrian and sports-friendly park. With a 1900-meter track, the park is the perfect alternative for those who want to run with views of the sea and the Princes' Islands.


Anatolian Side running tracks: Fethi Pasha Grove

Fethi Pasha Grove, which has a lush environment, is an excellent option for running in and out of the air. You can run away from the hustle and bustle of the city by running in Fethi Paşa Grove.