Anatolian Side Meeting Hotels

Anatolian Side Meeting Hotels

What should be considered when organizing a meeting?

Whether you are in Istanbul Anatolian Side meeting hotels or Istanbul European Side meeting hotels; considerations at the beginning of the organization of a meeting:

The type of meeting must be determined one month before the meeting.

The list of participants should be drawn up. The communication channels of the participants should be gathered and who should contact.

In case of a selection between the Anatolian Side meeting hotels or among the best Istanbul meeting hotels, participants should be informed clearly about the address.

The meeting time and date should be shared with the participants.

In the case of a meeting hotel or meeting venue, privileges should be utilized if the place or hotel has a professional working style. If not, the company or person should make proper planning from the food to be used to the item.

The eligibility of the participants should be confirmed 2-3 days before the meeting.


What are the main problems when choosing a meeting hotel or venue?

Here are the main problems that may be encountered in meeting organizations:

Physical deficiencies,

Technical deficiencies,

Lack of privileges,


Location problems of the meeting hotel or venue,

A decrease in the number and experience of personnel,

Insufficient catering.


What's in Elite World Hotels?

What is the first name that comes to mind when it comes to Istanbul's best meeting hotels, Istanbul's best meeting places and Anatolian Side Meeting hotels?

Comfortable accommodation options,

Alternatives for the meeting, congress and event types,

Splendid and elegant tastes for group invitations,

Health club which can be said goodbye to fatigue after expert interviews with expert therapists,

In your meetings can make fun; next-generation meeting concepts with digital games, private cinema sessions, breathing exercises and entertainment activities,

Various workshops from meat cooking techniques to chocolate making,

Facilities prepared following the elections,

Halls offered in different capacities and different categories,

Fast wireless internet, wireless microphone, telephone, flipchart, laser pointer, whiteboard, lectern, video conference call, video phone, independent heat and ventilation, Video / DVD / CD Player options,

Valet service.


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