Anatolian Side Hotels with Safe Tourism Certificate

Anatolian Side Hotels with Safe Tourism Certificate

What to Do in Istanbul on the Asian Side?

"Where to stay in Istanbul?" For those who think that the prominent details of the Anatolian side can help in decision-making. There are many districts on the Anatolian side, such as Ataşehir, Maltepe, Kadıköy, Üsküdar, Şile, and Tuzla where you can easily meet all your needs. Since the transportation facilities are also highly developed, you can easily go from one place to another.

There are many activities you can do on the Anatolian side. You can watch the Maiden's Tower in Üsküdar, join the entertainment of the local markets and bars in Kadıköy, enjoy shopping on Bağdat Street, eat yogurt in Kanlıca, and enjoy the unique view in Beylerbeyi.

Camlica Hill comes to mind, of course, when it attains to the scenery. It is impossible not to come to the Anatolian side and not see Çamlıca Hill. Şile is a great location for those who want to get away from Istanbul and relax. In addition to all these, let's not go without mentioning Anadolu Fortress and Anadolu Kavağı. If you want to breathe in the sea air and be filled with peace, do not miss these addresses.

Which Hotels have Stayed in the Anatolian Side?

With the recent Covid-19 outbreak, the measures that hotels should take are determined by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Hotels that comply with the measures are declared "safe" with a document issued by the ministry. Hotels that receive the document are obliged to hang the document in a place where everyone can see it. Thus, you can check the accuracy of the document with the data matrix on it. In this way, it is aimed to manage the whole process reliably and transparently.

You should choose your accommodation place among the hotels with safe tourism certificates on the Anatolian side because a hotel with this certificate means that it has taken all the necessary precautions to protect your health and created a hygienic environment for you.

Safe Tourism Certified Hotels

To make safe tourism possible, within the scope of Covid-19 measures, hotels with a capacity of 50 rooms or more must obtain a safe tourism certificate. Hotels take precautions for health and hygiene and document this situation. Afterward, continuity is ensured thanks to monthly inspections. If any violation of the rules or a situation that threatens the health of the visitors is encountered, the existing document is canceled, criminal procedures are applied and if the necessary conditions are not met, the business is closed. You can protect your health and discover the historical and natural beauties of the Anatolian side with the comfort of staying in a reliable and hygienic hotel by staying in one of the hotels with a safe tourism certificate on the Anatolian side.

The Most Reliable Address For Those Who Want To Stay On The Anatolian Side

Located in Maltepe, one of the most popular districts of the Anatolian side of Istanbul, Elite World Asia Hotel promises you an extremely healthy and hygienic accommodation experience with its safe tourism certificate. Decorated with a modern understanding, its comfortable rooms have a unique view of the sea and the Prince Islands. Of course, you can also choose one of the city view rooms. Especially for those who love and miss the city life, this image has a different taste.

You can turn your accommodation experience into an unforgettable memory by choosing the most beautiful and comfortable rooms for you. Whether you come to Istanbul for business or a holiday, you will have a pleasant time and enjoy extremely peaceful moments while staying with the privilege of Elite World Asia Hotel. Elite World Asia Hotel thinks about even the smallest details so that you can stay comfortably. For example, you can choose the most suitable pillow for your body shape from the menu in your room and have a very comfortable sleep experience. As such, you just have to enjoy the moment.

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