Anatolian Side Coastline Food Places Guide

Anatolian Side Coastline Food Places Guide

What to Eat in Anatolian Side: Kadıköy

Kadikoy has many alternatives, which can be the answer to the questions "What to eat on the Anatolian Side, what to eat on the Anatolian Side". Because Kadikoy hosts some essential neighbourhoods such as Caddebostan, Bostanci, Fenerbahce, Göztepe, Kozyatağı. There is no traditional flavour that can be eaten in Kadikoy. However, there are quite successful restaurants and cafes in the region according to the sector it serves. Among the things to be experienced here are hobs, pizzerias, 3rd wave coffee shops, kokoreç places and fish restaurants. You should also taste mussels, fish-bread, pretzels and other street tastes in Kadıköy.


What to Eat on the Anatolian Side: Üsküdar

Üsküdar is located right next to Kadıköy, which has legendary beauty and magnificent Bosphorus view and historical masterpieces like the Maiden Tower, Fethi Pasha Woods and the Sultan III Ahmet Fountain. This location is also very convenient for eating and drinking tourism. But here, kebabs, famous cafes and deep-rooted restaurants come to the fore. You also need to taste the meatballs between street tastes. Besides, delicious Çengelköy pastry with spinach, cheese and ground beef is one of the traditional flavours to be eaten.


What to Eat on the Anatolian Side: Beykoz

Beykoz, famous for its coastal palaces, Bosphorus mansions, water fountains and holy places, is also renowned for its flavours. Here you can find many restaurants with Turkish and international cuisine. But Beykoz's prominent pleasant delicacies are seafood products. Here you can consume fresh fish in every season. Many of the fish you eat in Beykoz is caught from the nearby Ağva. That's why you can consume much fish like chickpea, bluefish, anchovies and bonito in a delicious way. In Beykoz, many dishes such as pide, kebab, meat products and grill are also tasty. One of the traditional tastes of the region, Kanlica Yogurt is one of the must-try. This yoghurt can be consumed with honey, jam, ice cream, molasses and powdered sugar.

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