Anatolian Side Breakfast Places

Anatolian Side Breakfast Places

Anatolian Side breakfast places: Çengelköy Historical Çınaraltı Family Tea Garden

Çengelköy Historical Çınaraltı Family Tea Garden is a favourite place among the breakfast venues of the Anatolian Side. Because this modest place has a magnificent view of Istanbul. This place, where you can choose to sip your tea and have a great breakfast accompanied by the sea view, also accepts food from outside. Therefore, you can also take the unique pastries of the pastry at the corner of Çınaraltı and order your drink from here.

Address: Çengelköy Mah., Çınarlı Cami Sok., No: 4 A, Üsküdar


Anatolian Side breakfast places: Süt Yumurta Reçel

Located in Kadikoy, this charming place is also trendy among Asian breakfast spots. This place, which has a great breakfast experience with its enormous delicious breakfast, is also noteworthy for its warm-blooded employees.

Address: Osmanaga Mah., Sanat Sok., No: 30, Kadikoy


Anatolian Side breakfast places: Kavacık Muhlama Black Sea Cuisine

This delightful breakfast venue is an ideal choice for those looking for a Black Sea breakfast. In the venue, the popular taste of the Black Sea cuisine takes place in several different versions. In the menu, there are some other foods such as colote cheese, lycapa jam, sour cream and roasted pickles.

Address: Kavacik Mah., Cumhuriyet Cad., No: 131, Gorele Village, Beykoz


Anatolian Side breakfast places: Elite Restaurant

Elite World Asia Hotel, which has a privileged place among service quality and Anatolian Side hotels, is one of the first places to come to mind when it comes to the Anatolian Side. In addition to the stylish and pleasant atmosphere, Elite Restaurant welcomes you with a sumptuous breakfast buffet. You can also choose the Elite Restaurant for your individual and corporate breakfast organisations! For more information visit: Elite Restaurant