Amazing Marmaris Beach

Amazing Marmaris Beach

Icmeler Beach


Icmeler is one of the most beautiful regions of Marmaris, because it is the meeting point of blue and green. Therefore, Icmeler Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Marmaris. The reason why it is so popular is that although it is the beauty of its sea, there are more options of accommodation in the secondary plan. Because when you think of Marmaris hotels, most of these hotels are actually located in the Icmeler area. If an immaculate sea and a lush nature summarize your sense of holiday, we recommend you to see Icmeler Beach at the first opportunity.


Turunc Beach

Turunç Plajı

One of the blue flag beaches of Marmaris is located in Turunç. Turunç Bay is ideal for diving. Turunç Bay and Turunç Beach are among the most preferred beaches of Marmaris because they are both calm and clean.


Kumlubük Beach

kumlubük plajı

Kumlubük Beach, which is 6 km away from Turunç Bay, is one of the untouched beauties of Marmaris. Moreover, among the other bays, is also the most inhabitant! In Kumlubük you can enjoy the magnificent sea and the scenery, and enjoy a pleasant hiking in the surrounding trekking trails.


Kizkumu Beach

Kızkumu Beach in Orhaniye has a very calm sea. Kızkumu Beach attracts attention with its rather shallow form, especially up to the middle section, so people can walk quite far on the sand. You can go to Kızkumu Beach and enjoy the view and the sea; you can visit the historical castle ruins nearby.


Cleopatra Beach

Cleopatra Beach, also known as Sedir Island Beach, has a golden sandy beach and a perfect sea. Sedir Island, where the beach is located, also has historical ruins belonging to the ancient city of Cedrae. Therefore you can enjoy the sea and also a wonderful day at this unique beach.


Uzunyali Beach

Uzunyalı Beach is one of the magnificent beaches of Marmaris. There are many restaurants and cafes on this beautiful coastline which is about 10 km long.


Paradise Island Beach

Paradise Island Beach, which has a magnificent sea, is located on a peninsula surrounded by forests. It is located right at the entrance of Marmaris Bay and is frequently visited by daily boat tours.


Farm Beach

The Farm Beach is famous for its sandy beaches because it is covered with large grained sands. Because it is not possible to find such a beach in Marmaris. If you like sandy beaches, take a 2-hour sea voyage to reach this amazing beach.

We have included the magnificent beaches of Marmaris which must be visited above. So, where to stay in Marmaris? Marmaris hotels, Marmaris 5 star hotels, Marmaris all-inclusive hotels are many in number, you can say that you have a lot of accommodation. Of course, it is important to stay in a hotel with a beautiful location that can meet your expectations exactly. Because it is impossible to experience a great holiday experience in these conditions!

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