Activities To Do With Your Child At Home

Activities To Do With Your Child At Home


You can make a favorite dessert with your child. He even said to him for a morning breakfast, "Let's prepare breakfast for your mom/dad with you this morning!" Going with a sentence like this is useful when refreshing his / her self-confidence and reinforcing the communication between you. In other words, cooking together will be both fun and educational activity for your child.


Hand Painted

In general, every kid loves to draw or play with paints. It even happens that they cannot keep up with their speed and even paint the walls. While this may seem like a nightmare for meticulous mothers, it's not that terrible. Your child will love to draw pictures together and sometimes even paint the walls. You can then hang the pictures he has drawn on the walls you paint together. That will mean you appreciate him and reinforce his sense of achieving something. He will also be delighted to do this with you.


Plant Flowers

You don't have to have a vast garden to plant flowers or grow something. Even if you grow beans on cotton instead of flowers, the goal is to share something with your child and do a joint activity. Moreover, you can have information about flowers, and you can play prediction games about how long it will grow. Even empty yogurt pots at home can do the trick to sow flower seeds.


Set Up Tent

Perhaps the most fun of the activities you can do with your child at home is playing games with him. Children have a very developed fantasy world, and if these qualities are not dulled at a young age, they can do great things. Your child would love to play with him in the tent you set up with blankets or sheets at home.

He can even have his food there and spend the whole day there as if camping. Sometimes he can imagine being in a forest, sometimes on a seashore. In this way, you can have fun while your child's imagination develops.


Play Box Games

You can play board games with children for their personal development and fun. It is rare to teach and share new games with him, such as chess and checkers. Or you can play games such as blindfold and hide-and-seek at home, and introduce your child to old games such as name city animals. Thus, you will enjoy spending time with your family while improving his vocabulary.


Watch a Movie of Your Choice

Activities you do with your child at home also contribute to his / her personal development. For example, announce a day you decide with your child as a movie day and watch a movie on that day every week. Thus, your child's decision-making mechanism improves. At the same time, sticking to your schedule every week makes your child think that it impacts decisions made at home. While watching the movie you have decided together, you can prepare tickets and popcorn as if you were going to the cinema. The fact that your child feels like in the cinema makes the event even more fun!


Generate New Games

Yes/no, games like hot/cold may seem old-fashioned, but they are still a lot of fun! You can keep an item your child likes and play the hot and cold game, and when he finds it, you can reward him. Moreover, this game can last for hours. Or you can play a silent movie as a family. Playing games with his parents, if any, with his siblings strengthens his family bonds and makes him have a great time!