Accommodation Close to Aqua Florya

Accommodation Close to Aqua Florya

A Recent Favorite with Its Magnificent Atmosphere and Fun Concept: Aqua Florya

Located in the Florya district of Istanbul, Aqua Florya attracts everyone's attention with its modern architecture. It has 11 movie theaters, and various dining and entertainment areas. With 52 thousand square meters of walking, landscaping, exhibition, and cultural areas, it appeals to everyone with different age groups. In addition, Aqua Florya, which hosts a large square of 13 thousand square meters and an open market, serves shopping enthusiasts with a wide selection of brands. When you go to Aqua Florya, you can shop as you wish and enjoy the fun with your loved ones. When you want to relax, you can sip your coffee and taste different flavors in the cafes and restaurants of the AVM with a sea view. You can spend a full day with your family and loved ones at Aqua Florya.

You can also visit Istanbul Aquarium, the world's largest thematic aquarium, in Aqua Florya. Istanbul Aquarium, which hosts thousands of underwater creatures, promises a magnificent experience with its route consisting of 16 themes and 1 rainforest stretching from the Black Sea to the Pacific. Now, let's examine the activities you can do at Istanbul Aquarium together.


Meet the World's Largest Thematic Aquarium

Istanbul Aquarium, the world's largest thematic aquarium, has many sections with different concepts. It takes you on a fascinating journey with themes ranging from the Red Sea to the North Pole, and from the Mediterranean to the South Pole. After the aquarium section is over, you step into the Rain Forest and find yourself in an astonishing atmosphere. When you visit Istanbul Aquarium, you can visit these areas and see many animal species and learn about the subjects you are curious about. We can list the things you can do when you go to Istanbul Aquarium as follows:

You can meet many creatures by visiting the thematic sections, each more striking than the other.

You can take lots of photos and videos while visiting Istanbul Aquarium. However, you should remember that you can only use your camera without a flash around this area.

You should definitely visit the rainforest section, where there are different animals and plants. It should be noted that all of the plants in this section come from Costa Rica.

You can dive with sharks and stingrays in the main tank, which has a water capacity of 4 thousand m³ and is home to 5 thousand species. Let's also add to our notes that you can get an Istanbul Aquarium diving certificate after 30 minutes of diving.

You can relax by eating and drinking what you desire in the cafes and restaurants in the aquarium.

You can buy gifts for yourself and your loved ones from the souvenir shops located at the entrance and exit of Istanbul Aquarium. In these stores, you can immortalize your trip with different objects from stuffed toy seals to clown fish, from penguins to sharks.


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