Accommodation Alternatives on the Anatolian Side

Accommodation Alternatives on the Anatolian Side


Kadıköy is one of the places to stay on the Anatolian side, both on the transportation line and close to the places to visit. This area can be preferred for both business and leisure purposes. You can start your day with an excellent breakfast and go to many central points like Beşiktaş, Üsküdar, Taksim and Eminönü. This region is a region with a young population. There are famous brands, boutiques and various cafes in the area. Live music venues are concentrated in the region.



Üsküdar is another region with plenty of alternatives. There are rental apartments, city hotels, suites and boutique hotels in this area. Hotels in the region cater to all budgets. Staying in this area brings you closer to historical and touristic places such as Maiden's Tower, Fethi Pasha Grove and Büyük Çamlıca Hill. Besides, the presence of the coastline makes it easy to cross the European side. Here you can dine at affordable prices and enjoy the panoramic view.



Maltepe, Üsküdar and Kadikoy is another district that can be accommodated on the Anatolian side. Since the region has been inhabited since ancient times, it has become an essential part of both trade and tourism. There are many places to visit in the area such as Fenerli Pavilion, Remzi Pasha Pavilion, Süreyya Beach, Feyzullah Mosque and Bath, Başıbüyük Daverbaba Dervish Lodge, Beşçeşmeler, Maltepe Picnic Area and Temple of the Virgin. There is a choice of accommodation for every price, as well as restaurants, cafes and shopping spots for all tastes.

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