About Van Lake

About Van Lake

Interesting information about Lake Van:

There is a lot of interesting information about Lake Van. Here is interesting information about Lake Van:

Lake Van is the largest soda lake in the world.

Lake Van, Turkey's largest lake.

Van Lake is the only lake with transport by ferry in Turkey.

Lake Van is the deepest 15th lake in the world.

The surface area of ​​Lake Van is 3,713 km²

Lake Van is estimated to have occurred 600,000 years ago.

Lake Van was formed as a result of the explosion of Nemrut Volcanic Mountain.

Lake Van is 1646 meters high from the sea.

The name of Lake Van derives from Van, the capital of the Urartian Kingdom.

Lake Van is not outflow and water is lost by evaporation.

Lake Van is 430 km from the land.

The deepest point of Van Lake is 451 meters and the average depth is 171 meters.

The salinity of Van Lake is 0.19%.

There are 4 islands in the eastern part of Lake Van. These islands are historic and touristy.

There is a 3,000-year-old Urartian fortress in Lake Van.

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