8 Street Flavors You Must Try in Anatolian Side

8 Street Flavors You Must Try in Anatolian Side

Street Flavors of Anatolian Side: Fish & Bread

After work, lunch or sightseeing… It is possible to eat fish and bread at many points along the coastline of the Anatolian side. Friendly to your budget, you can quickly consume this delicious or delicious option.


Street Flavors of Anatolian Side: Raw Meatballs

Raw meatballs, which can be found almost everywhere in Istanbul, run to the rescue of those looking for street delicacies. Feature You can have wraps or take pieces from raw meatballs spreading on the Anatolian side. Don't forget to ask for hot sauce, pomegranate juice, lavash and plenty of lettuce!


Street Flavors of Anatolian Side: Kokorec

This flavour, which many of us liked very much, went as far as being banned. But fortunately, it was not banned! When prepared in sterile environments, say a quarter of this delight, which is quite enjoyable. After all, you can't stop until you ask for the second quarter!


Street Flavors of Anatolian Side: Ring Dessert

One of the street delicacies of the Anatolian Side is the ring dessert. It is one of the indispensable tastes when the ring dessert is eaten. If you find a crispy fried, freshly diced and sherbet dessert, what more do you want from this life! Enjoy your meal!


Street Flavors of Anatolian Side: Milk Corn

When the season comes, you can consume milk corn, boiled or roasted, which is one of the delicacies you can see at every corner of the Anatolian Side. Our suggestion is, of course, the boiled one!


Street Flavors of Anatolian Side: Stuffed Mussels

If the stomachs were slightly scraped after going out at night, the resort, of course, stuffed mussels! No need to call! Mussel stuffers, which are commonly found in cafes, are generally spread everywhere. Eat at the counter to tell us, do not take the package home. Then the flavour escapes!


Street Flavors of Anatolian Side: Chestnut Kebab

Chestnut kebab, which is a winter classic is a bit expensive compared to other street flavours. But why not take a little paper bag and eat it like this? We came to Istanbul after all!


Street Flavors of Anatolian Side: Chickpea Rice

Eat chickpea pilaf which you will frequently see in Kadıköy and its environs. The flavour never changes! Don't forget to put some chicken on it and squeeze some ketchup mayonnaise!


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