8 Blue Flagged Beaches in Istanbul

8 Blue Flagged Beaches in Istanbul

After brief information about the blue flag beaches, let's go back to our main topic: Blue flag beaches Istanbul and blue flag beach 2018. Unfortunately, Istanbul beaches can no longer have a blue flag due to sea pollution. In this article, we will discuss the blue flag beaches close to Istanbul for you.


Blue flagged beaches 2018: Uzunkum Orta Nokta Beach

All the blue flag beaches in Istanbul are located in Sile. One of them is Uzunkum Orta Nokta Beach. Uzunkum Beach in Şile has a blue flag since 2015. If you want to swim in a clean sea, this beach can be ideal for weekend getaways.


Blue flagged beaches 2018: Ayazma Beach

Ayazma Beach is located in Şile just like Uzunkum, and it is a blue flag beach. Offering a magnificent view to the visitors with its nature, the beach is also frequently preferred due to its fine sand.


Blue flagged beaches 2018: Sile Resort Hotel

Located in Sile, Sile Resort Hotel has a blue flag since 2013. Şile attracts the attention of both Istanbulites and tourists in summer due to its magnificent nature and sea. Sile Resort Hotel is more preferred due to its clean sea.


Blue flag beaches 2018: Cebeci Beach, Kefken- Kocaeli

Cebeci is a holiday village in the town of Kandira. The opposite is Kefken Island. Cebeci Beach is a blue flag beach with island views.


Blue flagged beaches 2018: Ceneviz Castle Beach, Akçakoca- Düzce

Akçakoca is located in the middle of Ankara and Istanbul; is one of the corners of our country with its sea, nature and history. It has a coast of about 40 km long and is visited by thousands of people every year with its fine sand and clean sea. The Genoese Castle Beach is a blue flag beach that is still untouched by many.


Blue flagged beaches 2018: Erikli Beach, Kesan

Since Erikli Beach is located in the Gulf of Saros, it is one of the three places in the world that is capable of self-cleaning. It is also a blue flag beach. There are various tourism facilities, camping areas and water sports areas on the beach.


Blue flagged beaches 2018: Altınkemer Public Beach, Kocaeli

Altınkemer Public Beach in Kocaeli, which attracts attention with its proximity to Istanbul, is the first blue flag beach of Kocaeli. Also, this beautiful beach has quite fine sand.


Blue flagged beaches 2018: Kilimli Bay, Agva

Kilimli Bay, located in Agva, is one of the most beautiful beaches of Istanbul. Moreover, it is possible to reach this magnificent bay with a short journey. All these features make Kilimli Bay the reason to prefer it.


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