5 Star Hotels

5 Star Hotels

5-star hotels

5-star hotels, in addition to 4-star hotels, should have these features:

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There must be at least 120 rooms.
Twenty-four hours room service.
Service, decoration, hardware, installation, structure, and placement should have superior features.
In the rooms; Umbrella, bedside lamp lighting button, length mirror, socket, dental cleaning kit, disposable slipper, bathrobe, sewing kit, shoe wiper, shoe polish, make-up removal cotton, shower foam, the box of tissue should be available.
Hotel hairdresser should be male and female.
Floor corridors should be connected to the reception desk.
Bathrooms must be connected to the reception desk.
Male and female hairdressers should be present.
At least 5% of the room's width should be a non-smoking room arrangement with no less than six rooms.
If there is more than one floor to be lifted and the number of levels to be climbed, there should be a customer elevator proportional to the capacity.
Covered parking and garage are mandatory. In addition, people who work 24 hours should be present in these parts.
There should be a second class a la carte restaurant.
Customer relations and consulting services should be provided at a separate location from the reception with experienced and trained staff.
Free internet, video player and television are required in the rooms.

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