5 Personal Hygiene Habits We Should Change With The Outbreak

5 Personal Hygiene Habits We Should Change With The Outbreak

Inadequate hand hygiene

With the epidemic process, the most important answer to the question of how to protect from coronavirus appeared as hand hygiene. Many people did not wash their hands sufficiently before this process. However, the experts taught us all that the viruses and bacteria in our hands should be washed thoroughly with water and soap for 20 seconds to disappear. So now, insufficient hand hygiene is a thing of the past! Whether the outbreak ends in the rest of our lives, we have fully learned that we need to wash our hands adequately and correctly in terms of health!


Closing our mouth with our hands during sneezing or coughing

One of the hygiene measures against the epidemic came into our lives as we closed our mouth with a tissue paper during sneezing and coughing and then throw the tissue into the garbage immediately. Because, like many viruses, coronavirus is transmitted through sneezing, coughing, and airborne droplets. Before the epidemic, many people used their hands as a trench at such moments, and the coronavirus completely changed it. Now that we know that the hygiene of our hands is very important, we should not cover our hands in cases such as coughing and sneezing, we should use disposable wipes instead. Only in this way can we protect our health from viruses and bacteria.


The common use of personal belongings

One of the personal cleaning measures against the coronavirus we learned with the outbreak was that the personal belongings were not shared. Experts stated that the coronavirus has also survived on inanimate surfaces for a certain period, so many personal items such as clothes and towels should be used by one person. Therefore, taking into account the possibility of other viruses being infected in this way, we have to add the need to not share our personal belongings with our new normals.


Touching our face constantly

Another suggestion of hygiene and personal care in the Covid-19 outbreak is avoiding the contact of the hands with the face, eyes and mouth. Especially desk workers may tend to touch their faces continuously during working. However, the outbreak taught us how wrong it was. Because constant contact with the face area can cause viruses and bacteria to enter our body through the mouth and nose. Therefore, we must completely forget this habit after the epidemic, and not touch our hands with our face area as much as possible.


Spending time at home with the clothes we wear outside

Per the personal hygiene rules, perhaps many people did not spend time at home with clothes they wore outside. However, it is a fact that we understand that this situation is more important than we think. With the coronavirus epidemic, we learned that we need to remove the clothes we wear outside as soon as we enter the house and disinfect it only after wearing it. Because not only coronavirus but also different viruses and bacteria can enter our home and then our body. Therefore, this new situation related to our clothes is among the new normals of our lives.

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