4 Star Hotels

4 Star Hotels

4-star hotel features


Here is a must-have for the hotel to be considered as a 4-star:


4-star hotels must have at least ten rooms. If it is less, it cannot have four stars.

You must have a lobby with reception and comfortable seating.

There must be an executive room of the hotel management and an additional executive room.

Customers must have an office or breakfast room for breakfast.

There must be a sitting room arranged separately from the lobby, which can accommodate 1 to 4 of the number of beds.

Excluding seasonal openings; door entrance windbreaker, air curtain revolving door, etc. need to have arrangements.

Having a phone directly connected with the rooms out is imperative.

Hairdryer, TV, mini bar, safe deposit box, and bed cover. Also, rooms need to be provided with a system to leave messages or to do so.

First aid cabinet.

General use areas and all bedrooms must be covered with materials such as parquet or ceramic.

Swimming pool or second class restaurant; There should be a multi-purpose hall for at least 50 people in a cafeteria or at least 1.2 m2 per person.

Laundry and ironing should be provided.

24-hour buffet service.

There must be a tailor service with dry cleaning.

Continuous physician service and infirmary should be.

A computer must make reservation services and transactions. There should be a telephone cabinet in the reception hall.

If the hotel is more than two floors, there must be a customer elevator according to the number of customers.

Air conditioning should be provided in rooms and public spaces.

Room service must be available from 06:00 to 24:00.

Each floor should have a floor office arrangement.

Must be a sales shop.

In various languages, there should be a reading section with documents such as periodicals and books.

It should be a first class restaurant with a capacity of at least 100 people, serving 50 percent of the bed capacity of the facility. There must be an adequate luggage room and a left-luggage service.

Service ladder or lift.

At least 15 percent of the staff should be trained. Administrative staff must be trained or experienced at least five years.

Also; multi-purpose hall and foyer for at least 100 people, indoor swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, cabaret for at least 100 people, theater, indoor hall for cinema events, conference hall for at least 100 people, nightclub for at least 100 people, discotheque etc .; at least 40 m2 sized gymnastics or billiard room, sauna with alarm system, go-kart track, ski and sea sports, squash hall etc. at least 3 units should be provided. There should be at least 100 people serving cakes and drinks and a minimum of three restaurants, cafeterias, and snack bar units serving Turkish cuisine with at least five hot and cold dishes and desserts.

All hotels in our country belong to T C Ministry of Culture and Tourism. And all these standards are also determined by the ministry.

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