SPA Istanbul

SPA Istanbul

What is the SPA?

The word. SPA m - although it is settled in our tongues in this way - is the abbreviation of 'Salus Per Aguam.' The meaning is "comfort with water." Just like the word, the healing power of water is used.


History of SPA

The Roman soldiers who are coming back from the war with great tiredness, built bathrooms to heal injured people. These baths were called "Sanus Per Aquam," namely the SPA. SPA has been applied in many different methods with sea water or mineral water in world history.


Benefits of SPA

SPA has many mental and physical benefits. Here are a few of the benefits:

Helps to eliminate joint disorders.

Energizes the person.

Relieves fatigue and stress.

It helps to remove the oils in the body.

 Helps terminate sleep disturbance problems.

Provides skin with oil-free appearance.

Supports the digestive system to function correctly.

Dispose of dead skins.

Accelerates blood circulation.


Are there rules of SPA?


Many people who go to the SPA wonder whether the SPA centers have rules. However, it is important to note that these centers are used to relax. With your first step into the center, the atmosphere and music will take you away; will make you feel relief.

Bathrobe, slippers are provided by the needs such as centers. The only point to be considered here is the fact that the clothing is not worn. It is good to go to the SPA center 15 minutes before you feel mentally comfortable and prepared. Besides, if you have any health problems, you should specify this before the SPA.


How to apply SPA?

SPA can be applied in many different styles. Here are some of the famous and common SPA methods:

Fango: Application that accelerates blood circulation by applying mud bath.

Aromatherapy: Relaxed therapy method with various plants.

Salt peeling: A type of massage made with thick pieces of salt and allowing the removal of dead cells in the body.

Thalasso: Application with sea water.

Steam bath: Application to remove toxins by applying to specific areas with steam.

Swedish massage: Massage application for arms, feet and waist areas.


What are the types of SPA?


To give an example through Istanbul; SPA Istanbul Europe, Massage SPA Istanbul, Hamam SPA Istanbul, Hotel SPA Istanbul, such as many of the internet search, has misguided those who want to go to the SPA. The International SPA Association classifies the SPA varieties in this way:


Club SPA: It is the center where daily use of SPA and fitness center are provided.

Passenger Ship - Cruise SPA: It is the type of spa programs with wellness services on cruise ships. However, therapy programs, personalized exercises, and professional treatments are included.

Daily SPA: Daily SPA is the most widely known type of SPA.

Visit- Holiday Destination SPA: The program which offers education and health-oriented programs and services for improvement.

Health-Medical-Medical SPA: It is the kind of treatment which includes comprehensive treatments for SPA and wellness as well as modern treatments.

Thermal-Mineral-SPA SPA: It is an SPA service made with direct thermal, mineral or sea water.

Otel- Resort SPA: It is the kind of wellness and fitness services in addition to SPA service, which has a built-in layout managed by professionals in the hotel or holiday place.

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