Van Gölü Rehberi

The pearl of Eastern Anatolia, Van is a city renowned for its peaceful nature, delicious cuisine, and hospitable approach. Lake Van, which is one of Van and our country's symbols, has such a large surface area that it is also called the Van Sea by the locals.

Lake Van, the subject of many legends, is thought to have been formed approximately 200,000 years ago due to the volcanic Mount Nemrut. The lake holds the title of being the world's largest soda lake. With its pearl mullet, historic churches, fantastic breakfast, and intriguing islands, Lake Van manage to be an attractive route at all times. You should visit Lake Van, where crowded masses flock, especially in the summer months. We will answer all your questions about Lake Van with our guidebook we have prepared for you.


The Unique Treasure of Eastern Anatolia: Lake Van

This volcanic barrier lake, which emerged with Mount Nemrut, has a large surface area of ​​3,715 square kilometers. It is also among the 15 deepest lakes globally, with an average depth of 175 meters.

There are four islands in the eastern part of Lake Van, namely Adır, Kuş, Çarpanak, and Akdamar Island. The islands, which are home to many historical artifacts, are provided by ferry. Ferries are also connected to the Tatvan district and Van by rail.

In Van, where the winter is hard, you can see the crowded masses visiting the lake, especially in the summer months. On your Van Lake trip, you can explore the historical churches by traveling to the islands, experience the unique Van breakfast, and spend a peaceful nature holiday accompanied by the lake view.


Where is Lake Van?

Lake Van is among the cities of Van-Bitlis in Eastern Anatolia. The distance between the lake and the center of Van is 86 kilometers. This volcanic lake, which has a surface area of ​​3,715 square kilometers, is also home to large and small islands.


How to Get By Transportation to Lake Van?

There are many transportation options to Lake Van, which is located within the borders of Van province. You can easily reach the region by land, air, and rail. It is possible to go Van, 1615 kilometers from Istanbul, with a 20-hour journey by road. Both direct and indirect flight schedules are arranged for the city.

You can reach Van in 2 hours with a plane departing from Istanbul. If you prefer the railroad, you can get the station located 5 kilometers from the Van center and set foot in the city. You can explore the islands in Lake Van by taking the ferry tours departing from the shore.


Van Lake Monster and Its Story

Although the Van Lake monster has been on our country's agenda for a while, it is essentially a story created by the local people to revive tourism. The claim that there are monsters in Lake Van has been on the agenda from time to time since the 19th century. According to the legend, a creature with a length of 10 meters, black and making strange sounds, lives in the lake.

Thousands of tourists flocked to the region for a period to see the Lake Van monster, which the people call Cano and Canavan. Monster aroused so much curiosity that its reputation exceeded our country's borders and made a worldwide impact. So much so that a team from Cambridge University came to the lake to research.


Places to Visit in Lake Van

Akdamar Island and Holy Cross Church

Akdamar Adası ve Kutsal Haç Kilisesi

This lovely island is 35 kilometers from the center of Van. You can reach the island with a pleasant 30-minute journey by taking the ferryboats departing from Gürpınar. When you come here, you can visit the Middle Ages' architectural wonder, the Church of the Holy Cross, and see the statue of the Van Lake Monster.

The Church of the Holy Cross, which accompanies the island's unique view, was built in 915 by King Gagik Artzruni. The church is dazzling with its exterior decorations, relief reliefs, and red andesite stone used in its construction.


Van Castle

Located near Lake Van, Van Castle was built in the 9th century by the King of Urartu, Sarduri I. Inside the castle, which has become one of Van's symbols, it is possible to see the rock tombs of Analı Kız Open Air Temple, Menua, and 2nd Sarduri. Besides, the castle is home to cuneiform inscriptions in the Assyrian language. Located on cliffs, Van Castle is flooded by thousands of tourists with its unique view.


Muradiye Waterfall

Muradiye Şelalesi

The 20-meter high Muradiye Waterfall greets its visitors in Van's Muradiye district. This waterfall, located on the Muradiye Stream that flows into Lake Van, freezes in the winter while it starts to flow lushly again in the spring. When you come to the Muradiye Waterfall, which is rumored to be named after the Sultan Murat IV, you can spend time in the restaurants on its skirt and get lost in a unique landscape in the peaceful nature.


Ayanis Castle

Ayanis Kalesi

It is known that Ayanis Castle, located 250 meters above Lake Van, was built by the Urartians in 645 BC. It would be best if you came to Ayanis Village to visit Ayanis Castle, where you can see the temples, walls, cubes, and habitats belonging to the Urartu Kingdom.


Activities To Do During Van Lake Visit

Van Lake, which has a harsh climate due to its location, is flooded by thousands of visitors during the summer months. The lake water has a vibrant structure in minerals such as sodium, chloride, and magnesium. You should swim in Lake Van to benefit from this water, healing for various skin diseases. You can also participate in water sports organized in the lake.

Lake Van and its surroundings manage to preserve their pristine state. When you visit Lake Van, you can go on long nature walks accompanied by a deep blue lake view. You can immortalize the lake view you witnessed by taking exciting photos.

You can take a small blue cruise by participating in boat tours departing from the lakeshore. If you like fishing, you can catch the pearl mullet, the famous fish of Lake Van, with your fishing line.


Experience a Comfortable Accommodation on Your Van Lake Travel

You need to spend a few days exploring Lake Van with its peaceful atmosphere, historical texture, and unique natural beauties. During your trip to Van Lake, you can benefit from the accommodation facilities in Van's city center.

When you come to the city to fully enjoy Lake Van's atmosphere, you can stay at Elite World Van Hotel, which is located 22 minutes away from Van Ferit Melen Airport. Suppose you want to taste the Eastern Anatolian cuisine's legendary dishes and enjoy a comfortable stay by taking advantage of relaxing facilities such as SPA and wellness. In that case, you can book Elite World Van Hotel. If you want to get detailed information and reserve your room, you can always reach Elite World Van Hotel.