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Every person wants to make their wedding day one of the most  perfect and memorable day. But let’s face it, with celebrities, this imperfection becomes even more stressful. Famous people will want to work with names that can make the best of everything and engrave into the memory of the whole world. And when this is the case, fairytale weddings emerge. In this article, there are some unforgettable weddings from the past and some from the recent past, of which they have been watched and spoken about by the whole world. These weddings may give an idea to bride or grooms-to-be for their wedding... Here are the most legendary weddings!


1. Wedding of  Elizabeth II and Greek Prince Philip

Wedding of Elizabeth II and Greek Prince Philip

The wedding dress of the English crown princess Elizabeth, who married the Greek Princess in 1947 was sown by Norman Hartnell. The tailor, who never gave information to the press about the princess’s dress, was constantly being threatened about it. The diamond crown on princess's veil crown was made from the diamond necklace that were presented to Queen Mary by Victoria. After the magnificent wedding, the couple celebrated with their stylish wedding car in London.


2. Wedding of Lady Diana and Prine Charles

Wedding of Lady Diana and Prine Charles

The couple met in 1977 and decided to get married 3 years later. In the legendary wedding of 1980, Diana wore an unforgettable bridal dress with the signature of Emanuel Fashion, cream-colored taffeta fabric, and antique lace. The length of her train was 7,5 meters and had to be carried by 4 bridesmaids.  The world's attention-grabbing wedding ceremony took place at St Paul's Cathedral with the participation of 3,500 people. After, the couple returned to Buckingham Palace with a classic car.


3. Wedding of Princess Soraya and Shah Pahlavi

Wedding of Princess Soraya and Shah Pahlavi

Iranian Shah Pahlavi and Soraya tied the knot at a very glamorous wedding held at the palace. Princess Soraya was wearing a  wedding dress by Christian Dior. Decorative stoves and fireplaces were installed in all the rooms of the palace for the wedding. The hall where the wedding took take place was covered with thousands of flowers. 2000 people attended the ceremony and the whole world watched this magnificent ceremony live on television.


4. Wedding of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller

Wedding of Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller

Famous film actress Marilyn Monroe and famous writer Arthur Miller got married with a simple wedding. Their weddings took place in a synagogue. In this ceremony, Marilyn Monroe wore  white, knee-length dress with an elegant veil. Following the ceremony, the couple riding on a sport car decorated with white flowers disappeared in the crowd, giving up on a wedding on the last minute. They went to Jamaica for their honeymoon.


5. Wedding of  John F. Kennedy ve Jacqueline Bouvier

Wedding of  John F. Kennedy ve Jacqueline Bouvier

The 35th president of the United States, Kennedy, tied the knot in 1952 with Jacqueline, whom he had recently met. At the couples wedding, a separate team of designers prepared each detail.  This is why this special wedding was one of the unforgettable weddings of the century. 700 people attended their ceremony. After the ceremony, 1200 people attended a stylish reception.


6. Wedding of Grace Kelly and Monaco Prince Rainier

Wedding of Grace Kelly and Monaco Prince Rainier

One of the weddings scraped into the memory of the whole world was this famous couple's wedding. They invited the 3000 people living in Monaco city to their magnificent wedding. Catering and seating arrangements were made for 2500 people for the wedding. The public offered a Roll’s Royce to the famous couple at this magnificent wedding. The graceful wedding theme and the unforgettable wedding dress of Grace Kelly was so remarkable that, even today, it continues to be talked about and preferred by the couples to be married.


7. Wedding of David-Victoria Beckham

Wedding of David-Victoria Beckham

The famous couple married in 1990 at a stylish wedding in Luttrellstown Castle in Ireland. There were only 29 special guests invited to the wedding. The wedding took place in the dining hall with a spectacular the castle and decorations consisted of pink roses and silver birch ornaments.  Victoria Beckham, entered the ceremony through a 60 meters long walkway decorated with flowers and velvet fabric, dazzling with her elegant dress. After the wedding ceremony with 29 people, a reception for 230 people was held. However, the reception had an interesting rule: Everybody could wear only black and white. The couple changed their outfits for the second time for this theme. They went to France for their honeymoon.


8. Wedding of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince

Wedding of Kate Moss and Jamie Hince

In 2011, Kate Moss, who tied the knot with an extremely legendary wedding, had many famous names at the wedding. In addition, many famous artists from around the world participated in this ceremony to take the stage. John Galliano designed Kate Moss’s wedding dress. The sole of the shoe that Moss wore w under her dress was red for luck. Her bridesmaid was her daughter, Lila. Moss’s wedding dress was so popular that it was one of the most talked-about throughout the year.


9. Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William

Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William

Prince William and his fiancee tied the knot in 2012 with a splendid wedding attended by about 2,000 people. 2 billion people watched the couples wedding on live television. Kate Middleton’s plain wedding dress was designed by Sarah Burton. Middleton’s wedding dress was hidden from the press until the last day. The audience watching the wedding were totally captivated. Even though many years have passed since their wedding, Middleton’s wedding dress model is still preferred by many bride-to-bes.


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