Although occasions such as henna night and weddings are more prominent in terms of preparation and attire for brides, grooms should also be in perfect elegance. Since the bride will be mainly busy with her own preparations for this special day it is of great importance for the groom to be busy with his own preparations.  What are the life-saving suggestions for grooms to be, what kind of preparations should he make? For all the questions that grooms to be  are curious about, please read the rest of the article.

Selection of Grooms Suit

Although not as difficult as picking a wedding gown, selecting a groom’s suit is also not that easy. Since today’s fashion is designed with a different suit patterns every day, it is always necessary to evaluate alternatives when making this selection. When choosing a suit, the thing that men should pay most attention to are the body measurements. A groom to be who knows his body and knows what he wants will be able to purchase a groom's suit very quickly.

Color Selection; the first thing you need to decide before choosing a suit is the color.  Once you get an opinion from the bride, you can lower your options by selecting the color in your imagination and ease your selection chance. Although recently there have been many different suit styles, you should still set the classic and black models apart from the others.

Type of Groom's suits; models are generally preferred in the form of suits, but there are also some candidates who choose tuxedo designs. But you should also keep in mind that when choosing a tuxedo you do not have too many color options.

Custom Tailoring:  although not as much there are grooms today who choose to have a tailored suit based on their wishes.  As a last resort, you can choose to have a custom tailored suit if you have not found a model which reflects your styling among the ready to wear models.

Time for Purchasing a Suit; although you do not need to rush as much as the bride, you can start looking at options at least 1 month before the wedding. Otherwise, if you can not find the model you want in ready-made suits, you might have to have a tailored suit. Due to the fittings the custom tailoring could take up most of your time.

What Are Groom Accessories?

After the selection of groom's suit, the task of the groom is reduced to a considerable extent, but it is not completely finished. When choosing the right accessories for your attire you should show the same sensitivity and choose compatible products. Since there are not too many accessories to choose from you can be sure that this will be done in a short time. Among the accessories that will complete your groom’s suit are; boutonnière, tie pin, cuff link and wrist watch.

Bachelor Party


Bachelor party is an exciting day for the groom-to-be and his friends. On this special day all preparations are made by the groom-to-be. The first thing you need to do for your bachelor party is to choose a suitable time where all of your friends will be available. You will have to make a list of invitees beforehand in order to choose the venue you wish to entertain.  You do not need to arrange a large venue for a guest lift of 15-20 people. If you have more guests you can look into different  venues for a different concept.

Music; if you want everything to be perfect for this night, you should especially arrange the music organization yourself. In case the music group that the venue offers does not appeal to you and your friends, your night could quickly turn into a nightmare. Therefore you could consider bringing in a live band to your event.

Beverage Selection;  You may want to have an alcoholic beverage service to soften the atmosphere and to live it up. But you should put a limit on alcoholic beverages to prevent unwanted situations. You should not forget to add other soft drinks to the list for your friends who do not consume alcohol.

Attire;  you should choose an outfit that is neither too formal nor too sporty.  The best combination would be pants and a stylish shirt. 

Groom Hairstyles

Düğün günü, kuaförde en çok zaman harcayan kişi gelin adayı olsa da damat adayının da harcadığı zaman küçümsenmemelidir. Damat adayının hazırlık süreci gelin adayı kadar uzun değildir. Eskiden sadece evde sakal tıraşı olup düğüne katılan damat adayları, günümüzde daha yoğun bir hazırlık sürecinden geçer.  Kuaförlere taşınan bu süreçte; saç tıraşı, sakal tıraşı ve yüz bakımı yapılır.

On the wedding day, while the person who spends most of the time at the hairdresser is the bride, the groom's time spent should not be underestimated.  Preparation time for the groom is not as long as it is for the bride. In the past, the groom would shave at home and attend the wedding, however, today there is a more intensive preparatory process.  This process carried out in the hairdressers includes; a haircut, shaving and a facial. 

Hair Cut; in this process you must first decide on your haircut style. If you wish you could go with your regular style and not take any risks. But, if you want a different and marginal look you can make a difference by listening to the suggestions of your hairdresser.

Shaving; in the past,  the groom's would participate to the wedding without beards, but nowadays this rule has lost its validity. For a more aesthetic appearance it is suggested that men should not shave their beards. Another reason for not shaving is because of the photogenic look in the wedding photos.

A Facial will help the groom-to-be look livelier and to get rid of the pale image of the face due to fatigue and excitement prior to the wedding . You should also remember to have a face massage after facial masks made with clay or different mixes.

Choosing Your Wedding Witness


One of the most important issues that comes to mind after the wedding day is decided is, who will be the witness. If you have no idea who your wedding witness will be, you should ask for help from your family and determine the most suitable person for this task by asking the opinion of the bride. Nowadays, usually one of the closest friends is chosen as a witness.

We wish you happiness!